The Anime Adventure Series and it's a 16th Season of Cillian Darcy Series. this season has 25 episodes

Main CharactersEdit

Cillian Darcy is One of the 3 Male Main Protagonist of the Series. He is a Older Triplet Brother of Lorcan & Lilly Darcy And His Deck Is Galatic Overlord with His Number Card Number 39: Utopia and Number 62: Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon Dragon and He is the Current Duel King, He Died After the Loss To Lorcan and Lilly whom Joined the Soiciety of Light in the Prevoius Season, He Became a New Leader of Team Light-Time

Nanao Hasebe is a 21 Years Old Best Friend and The Secondary Protagonist Of The Series. His Deck is Tachyon Features Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon, He's Cillian Best Friend after He Won the Duel with Mizar and Eddy. He's the Former Leader of Team Light-Time

Yae Hasebe is Cillian's Lover and Girlfriend, She is one of 2 Female Main Protagonist of the Series Her Deck is Lovely Girls Features Number 69: Heraldy Crest. She Revealed That She Loves Cillian So Much.

Kotori Takanashi is one of 2 Male Main Protagonist of the Series and One of Cillian's Best Friends His Deck is Shark Water Features Number 32: Shark Drake Until Cillian's Death.

Yurika Yokogami is a Female Protagonist And the Holder of Number 46: Draglouge.

Mizar is a New Protagonist and One of the 7 Barians Emperors, He Decided to Join Forces Cillian and Eddy to With the New Numbers Only Duel Tournament called Death City as a member of  Team Light-Time.

Eddy is One of The Eds And a Former Member of the Society of Light and Became a Member of Team Light-Time,

Recurring CharacterEdit

Hokusai Hanaukyo is the Season 16 Main Antagonist And the Leader of the Red Kings Swordsmen. He is the Main Antagonist to Cillian and the Others.

NEO is the Secondary Antagonist who Try to Take Over the World with the Swordsmen.


List Of The Adventures of Cillian Darcy Episodes

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