Thapster TV
Format TV series based on game
Created by Reiana Smiley
Writer(s) Reiana Smiley
No. of episodes 57
Run time 24 minutes
Rated TV-PG
Animation Studio Sinoze Motion Pictures
Network TV Tokyo
English Network Disney XD

Cartoon Network


Starring Kanae Itō

Rie Murakawa

Marina Gotō

Yoshitsugu Matsuōka

Yui Horie

First aired April 13, 2017
Last aired June 26, 2018
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Thapster TV is a 2017 anime television series based on the game of the same name that aired on TV Tokyo Network in Japan, and Disney XD, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon in America in April 13, 2017 through June 26, 2018. It has 12 bonus episodes and new characters starting in Extra on March 12th, 2018, and it gets a sequel and second season subtitled, "2nd Wave", which will launch November 24, 2018 (video game), and air next year (TV series).

Its video game version was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, also in April 10, 2017.

Characters Edit

Thapster Friends Edit

The main focus of the series. They strive to shine in big events they come upon, but despite having silly shenanigans, they come up with many solutions easily. The team consists of the five main protagonists; Reiana, Mimi, Nyami, Subaru and Emilia. They made their debut in the series premiere, and their signature song is "Fly to Future", which is the vocal version of Tong Apollo's song "Milky Way", and the series' theme song. Their main coordinate is the Future Thapster Coord.

Reiana Natsuki Edit

Voiced by: Kanae Itō (Japanese); Herself (English)

Reiana is the leader of Thapster Friends, and the confident girl who is always set to take any challenge head on. She is good at dancing, but is not shy of doing it. She is often likely to help her teammates in the most serious situations, but sometimes she helps other units as well. Her main outfit consists of a white tank top under a sheen jacket which has a pink-purple-blue-turquoise gradient color, a black 3-layered skirt with a belt, and black leather shoes. Her casual

Mimi Hikoneko Edit

Voiced by: Rie Murakawa (Japanese); Cheryl Miller (English)

Mimi is the second member of Thapster Friends, and a sassy girly girl, who is offbeat. Despite her sexiness, she always puts herself first, but is likely to put her friends first also. She is identical to Nyami's appearance, but she is a rabbit, who is a talkative, imaginative girl. In the dub, her voice is similar to Brittany Miller from the YouTube user, "Munk Media". Her main outfit consists of a white bra under halter vest which has a pink-purple-blue-turquoise gradient color, a black pleated skirt with fishnet tights, and black ankle boots.

Nyami Wakeusagi Edit

Voiced by: Marina Gotō (Japanese); Hilda Cooper (English)

Nyami is the third member of Thapster Friends, and the hoydenish member out of the group. Since she is a spitfire, she often crosses her arms as a signature pose. She is identical to Mimi's appearance, but she is a cat, who is a feisty, playful tomboy. In the dub, her voice is similar to one of the girls of the Youtube user, "Lalaloopsy15". Her main outfit consists of a McDonald's worker uniform.

Subaru Smiley Edit

Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuōka (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English)

Emilia Hatsune Edit

Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)

Spring Flowers Edit

Kintarō Katagiri Edit

Voiced by: Shun Takagi (Japanese); Nicholas Hoyle (English)

Kōta Saeki Edit

Voiced by: Makoto Watanabe (Japanese); Mark Parsons (English)

Takahira Izumi Edit

Voiced by: Naoya Okamoto (Japanese), Austin Sawyer (English)

Naomasa Katsuragi Edit

Voiced by: Takuya Kubō (Japanese); Ryan Herron (English)

Umenosuke KagaEdit

Voiced by: Yusuke Iwasaki (Japanese); Nathan Barrett (English)

Yunoha SanjōEdit

Voiced by: Haruna Satō (Japanese); Juliana Hansen (English)

Gypsy Love-Doll Edit

Ruka MikamiEdit

Voiced by: Takumi Ueda (Japanese); Landon Hatfield (English)

Reo ShidouEdit

Voiced by: Masaki Hirano (Japanese); Lucas Nielson (English)

Tsubasa KuroyumeEdit

Voiced by: Kyohei Sakai (Japanese); Maxwell Pemberton (English)

Seiya MoroboshiEdit

Voiced by: Ryo Harada (Japanese); Cameron Valadez (English)

Itsuki SakigakeEdit

Voiced by: Kazuki Shimizu (Japanese); Alex Medrano (English)

Aika AmaneEdit

Voiced by: Mizuki Taniguchi (Japanese); Madelynn Hines (English)

Starlight Prism Planet Edit

Kazuteru HinomiyaEdit

Voiced by: Shinya Nomura (Japanese); Luke Clark (English)

Aoi MinaseEdit

Voiced by: Takuto Sugiyama (Japanese); Trevor Sherman (English)

Shīna KiyaEdit

Voiced by: Shun Ikeda (Japanese); Keith Bowers (English)

Mizuki Kinjō Edit

Voiced by: Yūta Sakurai (Japanese); Aaron Joseph (English)

Subaru Midō Edit

Voiced by: Naoki Yamaguchi (Japanese), Matthew Fischer (English)

Hikari Tsukishima Edit

Voiced by: Manami Ishii (Japanese), Natalia Hart (English)

7'scarlet Edit

Hino Kagutsuchi Edit

Voiced by: Yuichiro Kimura (Japanese), Calvin Nadeau (English)

Isora Amari Edit

Voiced by: Takuto Fukuda (Japanese), Matthew Kaplan (English)

Sōsuke Tatehira Edit

Voiced by: Ryota Miura (Japanese), Miguel Becker (English)