Team Improbable: Brand New Reality known in Japan as Improbable Phineas and Ferb in 3D! (3Dであり得ないフィニアスとファーブ!3 D de ari enai finiasu to fābu!) is an action adventure comedy anime movie based on The Adventures of Team Improbable. It is loosely based on the hit Disney TV movie.

Story SummaryEdit

In a world ruled by an eviler version of Doofenshmirtz, alternate versions of Isabella and Phineas known as Commander Garcia and Captain Flynn use a remote version of the Otherworld-inator to travel to a world hoping to find help to fight Doofenshmirtz's evil tyranny. Back in the Team's world, the boys build teleporters to help them get around places faster. Perry appearing from one portal gets the boys to Danville Park where they find a girl they thought was Melissa being attacked by a robot of some kind. When they beat the robot, they later learned the girl was Melissa from an alternate universe. Commander Garcia came along and was relieved to find Melissa safe from harm as well as Captain Flynn who was hugging Perry happy to see his face since his Perry's disappearance. They said that they were travelling to different dimensions hoping to find someone who could help them defeat the Doofenshmirtz in their dimension who is evil conquerer of the world and Melissa running from a bunch of Normbots stowed away with them on accident. The Team decided to help them defeat their Doofenshmirtz and save their Tri-State Area. Transporting back to their world, Commander Garcia and Captain Flynn told them to stay on their toes while they're there. They also introduced them to the Improbable Fighters made up of Ferb, Dr. Baljeet, the Flamin' Storms, Buford, Irving, Albert and ironically Vanessa and a Normbot she reprogrammed. The commander said that Candace was not only a member as well but the founder. However, she seemed unwilling to put herself on the line for others (which led to Perry's disappearance) so she was kick out of the Fighters. Phineas stated then, "Yeesh, and I thought she was bad as Control Freak in our world. As herself, she really sweet but your Candace, she sounds like she's cruel through free will." "Yeah," the commander said, "I guess it's because she lived in a world that none of us should have to live in longer than even Vanessa. Well, never mind that." Dr. Baljeet suggested a strategy that could actually put an end to Doofenshmirtz: stop his army from growing. After Norm got them to the Normbot Factory inside giant crates, he would help Vanessa draw out Heinz's attention while the Team and Fighters worked to destroy the Factory depleting his vast army of Normbots. While getting to the core, Izzy asked the commander if she liked her Phineas. She stated, "Well, he is a good soilder and very nice but I'm afraid that even with me in charge, cute doesn't win the war if that's what you're asking. Besides, he and Ferb are just joined to find their pet. Once they get him back, they'll leave the Fighters just like that." Overhearing that last part, Captain Flynn stated, "Commander, I wouldn't abandon you guys like that. Especailly not you, you're my best friend, you know that, right?" Blushing about what he said, she said, "But I thought Ferb was--" "No, no, Ferb is my brother. You are my best friend," he claimed. That's when she said, "Huh...uh, how much longer till we can destroy this place, Doc?" "Just gotta shut off all alarms so as Doof doesn't get suspiscious," Dr. Baljeet stated. "Funny, I don't remember this room being so dark." "Dark?" asked the commander. Then they heard the Evil Doctor exclaiming, "That's because it's a trap!" revealing an ambush of Normbots with him, an cyborg version of Perry called the Platyborg, Vanessa all tied up and Norm disembodied. "And if it there was light, you would of saw us and ran off hence ruining the trap! Hahahahahahahaha...but I suppose you get it." While wondering how Doof knew they were coming, the Team was able to tricked the Normbots into destroying the Factory using their powers. They, along with the Fighters, grabbed Vanessa and Norm and escaped the Factory as it blew up but not without Doof and Platyborg making their escape. When they got back to base, they saw that a bunch of Normbots got the place surrounded as if someone gave them a tip of their hideout's location. Phineas, using the remote, transported the Team and Fighters back to their world. There, the Fighters viewed in amazement the free world. The Team and Fighters built Norm a new body afterwards one that was more durable and armed with cool gadgets that would prove useful. As they were preparing for the fight against Doofenshmirtz, Candace came by and saw the Fighters. After Phineas explained the situation, she said that she wanted to help - something that her counterpart would never do. Captain Flynn in a giant robotic supersuit exclaimed, "Everyone ready? Let's go!" transporting them all back to the Fighters' world. There, they faced off against the remaining Normbots. The Fighters allowed the Team and their counterparts to get to Doofenshmirtz Headquarters. There faced off against Doofenshmirtz who said that he's developed the means to go to conquer the Team's New Danville by using the prototype of the Otherworld-inator. He later revealed that he gained the information of the Fighters he had after capturing Candace and using his Read-My-Mind-inator on her. He then made off with Platyborg to achieve his goal. Knowing that it's not a good thing, the Team and Fighters had to go stop him but were then attacked by Normbots than they can handle. Luckily, the Candace of that world came and fought off the Normbots with assistance of that world's Jeremy and the Control Freak. As they were going to stop Doofenshmirtz with a toy train Jeremy said to give to Doofenshmirtz, the commander asked why she was helping them. Candace answered, "Simple, commander: I'll do whatever it takes for the ones I love." Both Phineases then said "Thanks, sis," just as they got to New Danville. When they came face-to-face with Doofenshmirtz and Platyborg, they both put up a good fight but the Team and Fighters managed to win. Just as Doofenshmirtz was about to go to Plan B, Captain Flynn gave him the toy train he got from Jeremy. Doofenshmirtz reconized it as his Choo-Choo he lost when he was little when his evilness began to grow within him. Reunited with his Choo-Choo, Doof reformed showing his graitude to the Team and Fighters and self-destructed all his Normbots except Norm. After going back to his world, he was put in rehab by Major Monogram and Carl of that world. The Fighters thanked the Team for their help and with Doof behind bars, they decided to rebuild New Danville and spend the remainder of their days making the most of things but keep the Fighters going should their world ever need them again. Captain Flynn and Ferb were then reunited with Perry with Doof's programming shutoff. The Fighters and Platyborg then went back to their world and Candace stepping out of the portal wondering what happened. The portal then closed and Izzy wondering if Phineas' opinion was the same as the other Phineas asked if he wanted to go see a movie with her. Back in the Other Dimension, with Ferb distacted with Vanessa, Phineas and Isabella confessed their love to each other and watched the victory fireworks together at the treehouse and the film ends.

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