Team Fortress: The Animated Series is an anime adaptation of the videogame franchise by Valve, It has the characters of Team Fortress 2 and it's a Seinen Anime Action-Comedy Series.

Team Fortress: The Animated Series

Based on Team Fortress Created by:



Anime Series


War, Comedy, Action, Slapstick


TV-MA for Violence, Mature Humor and Language

No. of Episodes:



VALVE, Sony Pictures Animation

Animation Production:



Gary Schwartz, Seth Green, Robin Atkin Downes

Ficticious Voice ListEdit

Character Japanese Seiyuu Cast English Voice Cast
The Heavy Tetsu Inada Gary Schwartz
The Demoman Keiji Fujiwara Kevin Michael Richardson
The Spy Toshiyuki Morikawa Trevor Devall
The Scout Junichi Kanemaru Seth Green
The Pyro Norio Wakamoto Patrick Seitz
The Medic Tetsuya Kakihara Robin Atkin Downes
The Sniper Inoue Kazuhiko Sean Schemmel
The Soldier Takato Yusuhiro Dave Wittenberg
Announcer Junko Takeuchi Ellen McLain


  • Of the original cast, only Gary Schwartz and Robin Atkin Downes reprised their roles.

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