Taiki Mūa (ムーア 大輝 Mūa Taiki) is human who suffers from the Paradox Syndrome. He is the son of Shārotto and Ryo.


Taiki is a normal 15 year old boy. He is fairly tall, lean-built person with peach skin and blue eyes. He has short messy maroon colored hair. Taiki is overall pretty muscular although not the strongest. He often wears tight shirts and jeans and always wears a belt.

In his Daimon form he changes drastically. His skin turns Fern Green and his eyes glow red. His hair grows a bit longer but not very much, he does grow horns out of his hair that resemble the horns of an Ibex. He gets curved claws, which are very sharp and grows giant, slightly curved, wings out of his back. He only wears a baggy pants displaying the Paradox sign. He often is called the "Curved Demon". Later when he discovers his Demon Hunter powers his Daimon form slightly changes. He has now a belt where his weapons are attached to and wears a strap across his chest that wields a curved blade on his back.

After some time he achieves his Daimonion which allows him to transform even further, a so called; 2nd demon form, only for the strong demons. His skin turns now Dartmouth Green. His horns are even curve even more, bearing more resemblance to a Ram, only they go longer forwards and his claws grow longer and sharper. He grows even more masculine, equips more weapons and his wings now have are covered by blue flames.


Taiki is a very stubborn boy and mostly refuses advice from others, thinking he can do it himself. Although at times he likes all the help he needs. Taiki is overly protective over his mother, since he brought her into danger because of his own disease. He also is very nice to his best friend Mai but often get irritated by Kuki's and Max's behavior. He has no mercy for his enemies, on a few exceptions with San.





Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Humanoid AbilitiesEdit

Taiki is pretty masculin and thus can easy beat up the regular man. But duo his demon powers he can also use those in battle. In Humanoid form he can summon his claws, although they aren't as sharp as when in his Daimon form.

Demon AbilitiesEdit

Taiki has enchanted speed while in this form. He can run very fast and jump high because of his long legs. He also is able to fly with his wings, although because they are so large it's sometimes hard to dodge in the air. But he found a way to dodge with his wings by folding his body in his wings and then fall down or roll to the side. His sharp curved claws can cut through metal. He can also climb in walls and other objects because of his curved claws, which he also has on his feet. He also is echanted strenght, as displayed while fighting with his fists. His horns also can be used as weapon but he doesn't like to use them.

Flame Slash: Taiki has blue flames power which allows him to use blue fire in his moves. For example his Flame Slash is a normal slash but then surrounded by blue fire.

Flaming Wing Thrust: Taiki can fold his wings around his body and spin around and then let the blue flames spin around him too acting as a defensive and offensive attack.

Blue Ball of Fire: Taiki uses this as one of his signature moves. He can create a ball of blue flames in his hands and then fire it at his opponent. He also sometimes kicks it away so it has more power behind it.

Fierce Claws: Is a move that he later develops. He lets the blue flames flow over his claws and extend them and thus making giant claws, about two meters long, to slash with.

Flamethrower: Like every demon their horns have a special attack. Mostly firing a blast or ball of energy but Taiki instead fires blue flames out of the tips of his horns that curve further (only in his Daimon form) and then burn the opponent.

Demon Hunter AbilitiesEdit

As a Demon Hunter Taiki uses a variety of weapons. He mostly uses a curved blade that he mostly wears on his back. He is very skilled in using this weapon but also other other weapons. An often used weapon of Taiki is his chain whip where he traps the foe with, he then mostly grabs them with the end of it and hurts them with the part in his hand that has a hook on it. He also uses some daggers and sometimes his spiritual gun.

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