Taffy Caper is an episode of Parappa the Rapper the Series from season 3.


Parappa and friends plan to go to a picnic at the park. Meanwhile, Gaster and Groover make addicting taffy, so the customers will keep coming back for more, as part of their scam to make money, which Parappa and PJ get addicted to.


Joe Chin: Ok, here are the rules of the game. 1: Keep your eyes on the path, 2: No cheating or you're disqualified, 3: I'm extremely handsome. Now are there any questions? [a guy raises his hand] Yes, you.

Guy: Yeah, rule 3 stinks.

Joe: That wasn't a question, that was more of a statement. Now does anyone else have any questions? [a bunch of people raise their hands] Not regarding rule 3. [everyone puts their hands down]

Matt: So, what do you think, Parappa. Parappa? Yoo-hoo... Parappa? [Parappa is shown unconscious on the ground after stuffing himself with taffy]

Katy: Parappa, how many pieces of this taffy did you eat?

Parappa: I lost count...

Parappa: [on his knees] Please, please, just let me have one more piece of taffy!

Lammy: Parappa, try to get a hold of yourself!


  • First appearances: Fina, Bobby, Quincy, Chester.
  • Parappa is shown to have gained some weight in this episode as a result from eating the addicting taffy. But by the next episode, he seems to have lost it. This continuity is patched up because Katy (and Matt) later agree to help him get back in shape.
  • Two of the flavors of the taffy Gaster concocted are identified to be Pancake, and PB&J.


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