An anime version of the infamous show, Swat Kats.

Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron (Anime Style)
Format Anime Series
Created by Christian and Yvon Tremblay, Julayla
No. of episodes 40, 8 OVA's (Leading up to ABII)
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-14 (Uncut), TV-Y7 FV (Edited)
English Network TBA
Starring Roger Craig Smith, Jason Griffith, Amy Birnbaum, Sean Schemmel, Mark Hamill

Fictitious Voice ActorsEdit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Chance/T-Bone Mamoru Miyano Roger Craig Smith
Jake/Razor Kappei Yamaguchi Jason Griffith
Callie Briggs & Calista Asada Youko Amy Birnbaum
Commander Ulysses Feral Hochu Otsuka Sean Schemmel
Lt. Felina Feral Ogata Megumi Lisa Ortiz
Dark Kat Norio Wakamoto Mark Hamill
Mac Mange Fumihiko Tachiki Roger L. Jackson
Molly Mange Mika Doi Saffron Henderson
Ann Gora Mayumi Yamaguchi Melissa Fahn
Mayor Manx Jouji Nakata Roger L. Jackson
Pastmaster Makio Inoue Roger L. Jackson
Elrod Purvis Wada Kouji Vic Mignogna
Dr. Viper Wada Kouji Frank Welker
Turmoil Michie Tomizawa Emilie Claire-Barlow
Zed Kenta Miyake Scott McNeil
Lt. Commander Steele Tetsuya Kakihara Brad Swaile
Jonny K Romi Park Yuri Lowenthal
Al Kujira Rob Paulsen
Chop Shop ??? ???
Kataluna ??? ???
Burke ??? ???
Murray ??? ???
Dr. Konway ??? ???
Dr. Greenbox ??? ???
Professor Hackle ??? ???
Hard Drive Kazuya Nakai ???
Lenny Ringtail & Madkat Katsuyuki Konishi Travis Willingham
Mutilor ??? ???
Traag ??? ???
Red Lynx ??? ???
Enforcer Sergeant ??? ???
Rex Shard ??? ???
Dr. Synian ??? ???
Aquain Leader ??? ???

(More to Come)


List of Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron Episodes

Episodes Exclusive to the AnimeEdit

Swat Kats OVAEdit

  • The Curse of Kataluna-Commander Feral falls in love with a woman named Kataluna, who is actually a succubus, and she begins to drain his lifeforce away.
  • Turmoil II: The Revenge-Turmoil escapes from prison, and with the help of the women she liberated from jail, gets control of a laser device from her fortress, on top of a huge mountain.
  • Doctors of Doom-Dr. Harley Street resurfaces from his suppose death and teams up with Dr. Viper in creating havoc in Megakat City. Plus we get a little glimpse of Dr. Viper's past before the events of his mutation.
  • Cold War-Rex Shard, during forced community service, transforms to a weather-controlling mutant warrior looking to freeze Megakat City after diving into an experimental energy source. Also we learn how Felina was placed in the Enforcers in the first place.
  • Blackout-When Megakat City begins to have a power failure, due to a new foe calling himself Blackout who threatens to destroy the city, will the Swat Kats be able to prevail or would they have no choice but to ask for both Felina and Callie's help when their masks are destroyed, leaving a threat that could reveal their true identities.
  • Icy Comeback-While vacationing at Myuu near Hitashi Mountain, an ice monster, brought by the Pastmaster, wreaks havoc on the mountain and the village below in order to recreate a lair he hid centuries ago. Can the Swat Kats stop the monster from freezing the place and seal the Pastmaster within? (This is one of the few that leads up to Atomic Betty II.)
  • The Dark Swat Kats Return-The other dimensional Swat Kats from the dark world arrive to real ones' world where they frame the Swat Kats, putting them on the line against the Enforcers!
  • Epilogue-An epilogue which shows a wedding, a birth of a child of a Swat Kat, Dark Kat's alliance with the Pastmaster whom had somehow broke from his icy prison, and a portal that leads to a future where the Swat Kats no longer live. (This is also a lead up to Atomic Betty II.)

(More to Come)


  • Out of all the Swat Kats voices that returned, only Frank Welker returns to voice Dr. Viper.
  • A few OVAs from this series are a lead up to the Atomic Betty II continuity.
  • There will be two versions of this series. One that is edited with the sexual reference, violence, and drug reference out that will be TV-Y7 on most airings and TV-14 for the Uncut version.
  • This series also has a canadian actress voicing Turmoil on the series, as well as any character in this anime remake.

(More to Come)

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