FA: Time for an epic episode of Super Star, Episode 4 named...First Kiss!

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Kagami and Konata eating lunch-

Kagami: -sees SCP, and gets a nervous look-

Konata: What's wrong...?

Kagami: -shakes head- Nothing, nothing!

Konata: ...Ok! -eats rest of lunch- Done! Well, I'm going to take a shower!

Kagami: Ok! -gets up, and a girl walks up-

???: Sorry..I'm Amane...I'm part of the Student Council...

Kagami: O_O -ducks down- Don't hurt me!

Amane: I won't hurt you...Take me to your room...

Kagami: -twiches- O-O-Ok! -Amane follows Kagami to her room-


Konata: -in shower, smoke blocking private parts- No shampoo?!

-Konata takes out wand, and shampoo appears in hand-

Konata: :3 There!

Back to Kagami and Amane...

Amane: Let me tell you something...I am NOT a Yuri Lover, just the rest of the council is...

Kagami: Really?

Amane: -nods- Really...

Kagami: So..How is...

Amane: Long story....

-4 minute commercial break-

Kagami: Woah...

Amane: Woah indeed...

Kagami: So...Why aren't you a Yuri Lover?

Amane: Because...I'm the careful one...

Kagami: -gets up- I'm going to get a soda!

-Amane pulls on Kagami's arms, and pulls her down onto the bed-

Kagami: What was that for?!

Amane: Sorry....-grins, and lips get bigger, still holding Kagami's arms-

Kagami: Let me go! -kicks-

Amane: -has deep voice- Complain all you want... -kisses Kagami-

Kagami: O_O ... -thinks- Stupi-...mmmm....-lips get bigger-

Amane: -sits up- Kagami...?

Kagami: -has deep voice now- Yes, Master?

Amane: Kiss Konata, and everyone else you now...and go to Tono at midnight...

Kagami: Yes, Master...

Amane: Now, what did I say?

Kagami: You said to kiss Konata and everyone else I know..and go to Tono at midnight...

Amane: Good..-lips turn normal, and grins-

-Kagami's turns normal-

Amane: -walks to the door- Had a great time! -blows kiss at Kagami, and walks out-

Konata: -runs in- 'Ello!

Kagami: Hey! -grins-

-Ending starts-

-End of Episode 4-

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