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Female Announcer: Now for...

Male Announcer: Super Star?

FA (Female Annonucer): Yes, Episode 3, named Mii in Wii?

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows SCP in her office-

SCP: Amane...

-the tall red haired girl walks toward SCP's desk-

Amane: Yes, tono?

SCP: All the Student Council is visiting Konata's and Kagami's room besides you...

Amane: ... -grins- to...?

SCP: -nods- So, invite all the other members, now.

-Amane nods, and walks out-

-the screen switches to Konata and Kagami, playing bowling on Wii Sports resort-

Konata: Won again!

Kagami: -sighs- Again...?

Konata: Su- -the whole student council (besides Amane) walks in-

SCP: May we join?

Kagami: Why?

-a short blonde haired girl walks up-

???: Don't disobey tono!

Kagami: -.-" Fine! Just don't me- -the whole council runs around the room, inspecting stuff-

Kagami: >.>

-5 minute Commercial Break-

-the blonde haired girl is competing Konata in Boxing-


-Konata knocks BHG on Boxing on Wii Sports, and Konata wins-

Konata: Ha ha!

-Kagami is sitting on the bed, then SCP sits next to her-

SCP: Hello...

Kagami: Hi?

SCP: Just saying hello...-leans toward Kagami-

Kagami: -thinks- What is she doing?!

Konata: O_O I gotta go to the bathroom!!! -runs out of room-

SCP: -grins-

Kagami: ...?

-the whole council's lips grow huge-

SCP: -leans toward Kagami, and speaks it a deep voice that can't be understood well- Come on...

BHG: -laughs with the same voice as SCP- We're Yuri Lovers!

Kagami: What Lovers...?

-SCP is about to kiss Kagami, then Konata runs in-

Konata: Back! -the entire council's lips turned normal right before Konata ran in-

SCP: -whispers to Kagami- Maybe next time... -grins-

BHG: -looks at watch- Better get going!

SCP: -grins innocently- Little Yuki is right!

Yuki (BHG): Let's go! -the whole council runs out-

Kagami: -thinks- Yuri Lovers, Yuri Lovers, YURI LOVERS?!

-Ending starts-

-End of Episode 3-

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