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Female Announcer: Now, it's time for the yuri anime...

Male Announcer: Mermaid Sisters?! :D

Female Announcer: No...Super Star! Episode Name, Student Council

-Opening plays-

-After opening, it shows Kagami and Konata in a dark office-

???: so..You are Kagami Hiiragi and Konata Izumi?

Kagami: Yes ma'am! -Konata nods-

???: No need to call me ma'am, I'm just the Student Council President...

-a tall, red-haired girl walks in-

???: SCP...You wanted me?

SCP: -whispers something to ???, and ??? walks out-

Kagami: Who...

SCP: Anyway...Konata!

Konata: -sits up straight- Yes?!

SCP: Go get all your anime, manga, and CDs you got...

Konata: -jumps up- Ok! -runs out-

SCP: -turns to Kagami- Kagami...

Kagami: Hm?

SCP: There is alot of yuri here, and, whoever you're roommates with, yuri happens...

Kagami: Really?

SCP: It happens in all all-girl schools...And...

Kagami: And...?

SCP: Sometimes, other people can love you, and

Kagami: You mean...catch-catch, you?

SCP: Yes...

Kagami: -thinks- Then, I don't think this is a safe school...

Konata: -walks in, with tons of bags- Oof!

SCP & Kagami: O_O Woah...

-5 minute commercial break-

-After Break, it shows Kagami in her room, on her bed-

Kagami: I hope I don't get attacked..

-a short, blonde-haired girl walks in-

???: Sorry, but...SCP wants you...

Kagami: Again? -jumps off bed-

-a 2 second black screen appears, then shows Kagami and SCP in the dark office again-

SCP: Kagami...

Kagami: Yes?

SCP: Are you going to classes yet?

Kagami: No...

SCP: Well, good, you don't need to do classes 'til you have been here for 2 weeks....

Kagami: Ok! Was that all you needed me for...?

SCP: Also...-hands Kagami $50- Use that for lunch....

Kagami: Ok... -walks out-

-Ending starts-

-End of Episode 2-

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