Female Announcer: Guess what?!

Male Announcer: Trinity Vampire?!

Female Announcer: No! The very first episode of Super Star, Episode Name: Apart From Each Other

-Theme plays- (0:00 to 1:07 and the amv is NOT the opening) thumb|300px|right|Theme: D Drive/Love

-After Theme, it shows Konata's ":3" face close up-

-then, it shows all 4, Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki at a lake-

Miyuki: So, Konata-san, where are you doing?

Konata: ...Otaku University! That's where!

Kagami: O_O Uh...

Tsukasa: Kagami is TOO!

Miyuki: I'm going to a science school in America...

Tsukasa: I'm going to Africa to study animals!

Konata: I guess it's just me and you, Kagami..

Kagami: Hey!

Tsukasa: I least you get to stay here...

Miyuki: -nods- Yeah...

Konata: Hm.....

Kagami: Wha- -trips on a rock, and pushes everyone into the water-

Konata: Thanks alot, Kagamin!

Miyuki: I'm a terrible swimmer! -hangs onto Tsukasa-

Tsukasa: But I am too!

Kagami: -shakes head- They're 18 and they can't swim.. -pulls the 2 to shore-

Konata: -is writing something-

Miyuki: What are you doing, Konata-san?

Konata: M-A-N-G-A!

Kagami: What is it called?

Konata: The Epic Otaku!

Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki: -.-"

-6 minute commercial break-

-After Break, it shows Konata and Kagami in a classical office-

???: I am the Head Master here, got it?!

Konata: Yep! Kagami: Yes, ma'am -they say it at the same time-

HM: Now... -looks at a big sheet- You will be sharing a room!

Konata: Yes! -jumps up-

Kagami: Yes, ma'am -thinks- Oh great.. -.-"

-when they get to their room, it's messy and dirty-

Kagami: We live in the attic?!

Konata: Yep!

-a short orange haired girl steps in-

???: Sorry, but, the Student Council must talk to you!

Kagami: Can we fix up our room a bit?

???: Ok! -steps out-

Konata: Oh Special Wand, Special Wand! -a wand with a star at the top appears-

Kagami: Uh...? What is..that....?

Konata: -has a witch costume on- Clean this room, Special Wand! -sparkles appear aronud the room-

Kagami: What the-!

-the room now has star wallpaper on the wall, a blue carpet, two beds, and fun stuff-

Kagami: Woah!

Konata: Oh Special Wand, Special Wand, you shall disappear! -the wand disappears, so does the witch costume-

Kagami: How did you...?

Konata: -shrugs- Don't know...

Kagami: -.-" Let's just get to the Student Council...

-Ending Starts- (Whole Thing, and the amv, is the ending) thumb|300px|right|Ending: Mario Song by Konata

-End of Episode 1-

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