Super Monkey Ball (Tv Series)
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Disney XD, Cartoon Network, The CW 4K!DS Toonzai

Super Monkey Ball is a CGI tv series created by MarioSonic1243. It is based off the Super Monkey Ball series.


  • AiAi
  • MeeMee
  • Baby
  • GonGon
  • YanYan
  • Doctor
  • Jet
  • Jam
  • C-AiAi
  • W-MeeMee
  • A-Baby
  • F-GonGon
  • P-YanYan
  • R-Doctor
  • B-Jet
  • N-Jam
  • Dr. Baboon
  • Dr. Baboon's Assistant


Season 1Edit

1. The Origin of Super Monkey Ball

2. Getting To Know You

3. Finally, An Agreement!

4. Party on a Saturday!

5. Nobody's Talking about the Hokey Pokey

6. Naval Monkey

7.Yanyan and baby's playtime or bust!

8.Yanyan's exciting game!

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