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Super Glad
Format Comedy
Created by Yama Eno
Writer(s) Yamato Kun
Director(s) Ei Yoo
No. of episodes 137
Run time 24 minutes
Rated MA-15 - strong themes and coarse language
First aired March 12 1996
Last aired September 2005

Super Glad (Japanese: グラッドスーパー Guraddosūpā) is a animated comedy series



Eriko YunEdit

Eriko is an ordnairy girl who just met in High School for the other day.

Yuri EshukioEdit

Yuri is Eriko's best friend, she is a singer



  • In "Hey Baby", where Eriko shoots Hanako with a gun that the bullet is replaced by the "BANG!" sign.
  • In "The Nightmare of Roi Renika", where Roi and Eriko have sex, the sex scene is replaced by a censored sign, it was actually not for kids under 3 years old.
  • The swearing was replaced by censor bleeps in every dub.



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