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Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2: The Animation

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Maria: We need... need to find... a way out...

John: Are you suggesting we get outside help? I doubt we could, because of the stupid quest .

Maria: I know, but still, we must find a way to save the two, without getting caught.

???: John? Maria? Are you two in prison too?

John: Huh?

Maria: Andrew! What are you doing in there?

Andrew: I was sent into a stupid quest.

John: Us, too.

Andrew: I was sent to find the shapestones. Yours?

John: Bring the Edge Fencers in Goura Gate.

Maria: Huh? What's this?

Maria picked up the thing beside her, it was a spear.

Maria: I got an idea. Use this spear and let's search for some equipment that will help us.

John: Great idea.

Andrew: Nice.

John, Maria and Andrew teamed up together. John used the spear to break out. They searched a room underground. There they found weapons: A drill, an Axe and a Knuckle, and the weapons were strong enough, so they took them all. They got to the next room and found a Ninja Ring, Rabbit Boots and Angel Ice Statues. They went into the last room and what’s in there? Like Edgar & Aera’s workshop. They crafted the 3 Angel Ice Statues and got an Ribbon Rotor, Ribbon Caesar and Ribbon Knuckles. They equipped these and head on to Area 1 of Goura's Gate.

Goura's Gate, Area 1

John: Yo, Idiot!

Gedharm: *Sigh* Now what?!

Gedharm turned around.

Passeau: What?!

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