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Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2: The Animation
Created by Terra Malheur
Writer(s) Terra Malheur
Director(s) Terra Malheur
No. of episodes 10 (Main Story)
6 (Side Story)
Run time 30 minutes each episode
Rated M (For Violence and Cursing)

Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2: The Animation is a fanon anime based on Banpresto's video game, Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2. Unlike the game, Edgar and Aera both appear and have guardian beasts of their own (Ex-e-LD for Edgar, Dinah for Aera). It uses the game script with some changes and additional dialogues. It was released in

Differences from the gameEdit


  • Instead of EX-e-LD to move away from Edgar and Aera, EX-e-LD stays in his place.
  • Day 10: Aera x Ryouga - They kissed in the end.

Soundtrack Edit


Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2 (game version) stil has it's own soundtrack, adding the opening and ending.


Title Duration Audio
On to Battle 2:05
Mono Shift! 2:05
Evil Interference 2:05
Goura 3:14
What's it Gonna Be? 1:02
Lurking Evil 2:05
Take Your Way (OPENING SONG, Main Story) 4:35
Tsukihana (ENDING SONG, Main Story) 5:06
Watashi Wa Souzou Suru (OPENING SONG, Side Story) 4:25
More Than Words (ENDING SONG, Side Story) 5:03

Insert Themes/SongsEdit

Title Duration Audio
Arigatou. Tadaima. 4:22
Aki ni Somaru 2:22
Merry-go-Round 3:56

Characters & Cast Edit


Main Story Edit

Character Japanese English
Edgar Colthearts / Edge Colthearts Takuya Eguchi David Gallagher
Aera Colthearts / Air Colthearts Rie Tanaka Kate Higgins
EX-e-LD / Igzeldo Jun Fukuyama Keith Ferguson
Dinah / Dina Junko Iwao Chantal Strand
Blaire / Berg Kazuya Nakai Johnny Yong Bosch
Ryouga Jun Fukuyama Keith Ferguson
Lynn / Rinri Maaya Sakamoto Maryke Hendrikse
Orin / Orca Akira Ishida Jason Wishnov
Tatiana / Tatan Megumi Toyoguchi Amanda Celine Miller
Gedharm Camcarossa / Gedho Kamkarossa Shuichi Ineda Keith Silverstein
Passeau / Pasuu Suzuko Mimori Stephanie Sheh
Magna Clesment / Magna Kressment Nobuhiko Okamoto Greg Ayres
Toris Clesment / Tris Kressment Aya Uchida Jessica Boone
Nesty Bask / Nesti Basque Hiroshi Kamiya Patrick Poole
Amer Kikuko Inoue Luci Christian

Side Story Edit

Character Japanese English
John Nitta Kōki Uchiyama Keith Silverstein
Maria Nitta Yō Inoue Alaina Burnett
VE-x-ED Kōji Ishii Brad Swaile
Fōdo Ayumi Fujimura Michelle Porter
Kei Miki Itou Katie Rowan
Hibikiro Kōki Uchiyama Steve Staley
Andrew Villetta Kōji Ishii Patrick Poole

Plot Edit

Main Story: Edgar & Aera Edit

Side Story: John & Maria Edit