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Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2: The Animation
Created by Terra Malheur
Writer(s) Terra Malheur
Director(s) Terra Malheur
No. of episodes 10 (Main Story)
Run time 30 minutes each episode
Rated TBA

Summon Night Swordcraft Story: The Animation is a fanon anime based on Banpresto's video game, Summon Night Swordcraft Story. Unlike the game, Cleru and Pratty both appear and have guardian beasts of their own (Rasho for Cleru, Sugar for Pratty). It uses the game script with some changes and additional dialogues.

Soundtrack Edit

Under Construction

Soundtrack Edit

Title Duration Audio
Blood Teller (OPENING SONG) 4:35
Wonderful Wonder World (ENDING SONG: Episode 1 - 9 only) 4:54
Dance of Illusion / Illusionary Dance 3:21
Song of Mina / Nocturne 2:21
I Am The Wind (ENDING SONG: Final Episode Only) 4:34

Characters & Cast Edit

Under Construction


Character Japanese English
Cleru / Kurio Takuya Eguchi David Gallagher
Pratty / Prati Rie Tanaka Kate Higgins
Rasho Jun Fukuyama Keith Ferguson
Sugar / Shugaretto Junko Iwao Chantal Strand
Varil / Varira Kazuya Nakai Johnny Yong Bosch
Sakuro Jun Fukuyama Keith Ferguson
Sanary / Sanare Maaya Sakamoto Maryke Hendrikse
Ureksa Akira Ishida Jason Wishnov
Amariss / Amarie Megumi Toyoguchi Amanda Celine Miller
Shintetsu Shuichi Ineda Keith Silverstein
Ariel / Halio Suzuko Mimori Stephanie Sheh
Mariel / Helio Suzuko Mimori Stephanie Sheh
Chaves / Chebesu Nobuhiko Okamoto Greg Ayres
Aya and Natsumi Aya Uchida Jessica Boone
Hayato and Touya Hiroshi Kamiya Patrick Poole

Original Characters Edit

Character Japanese English
Enkiri Saori Hayami Stephanie Sheh
Kai / Khan Ryōtarō Okiayu Yuri Lowenthal
Mina / Minya Yun*chi Michelle Ruff

Plot Edit

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