Summer on the Sunny Beach is an episode of Parappa the Rapper the Series from season 3.


The younger kids plan to play "The Mummy" (a variant of hide-n-seek) in Sister Corn's yard after it got too dark to play kickball, which she usually allows, either due to her kindness or hearing difficulties. After the game, Piff and Max comment on how Pinto found a good hiding place, with Trina fuming, saying she played just as well. As soon as Pinto goes home, the house goes to sleep. The next morning, Papa Parappa mentions he won't be home for most of the day, when Parappa tells him that Sunny invited him to go to the beach with her, here a flashback is shown, where she is shown in a background that emphasizes her sweetness. Parappa says he can take Pinto with him, which Papa agrees to and tells them to have fun. The puppy siblings pack their things for the beach. They spend part of the day at the pool, where Pinto notices Parappa with his focus set on Sunny on the high dive. She figures he must have feelings for her, which he tries to dodge, Pinto suggests he tell her how he feels. Sunny mentions she's a bit burnt from the sun, and Parappa tells her his dad is working on a new sunblock for plants. The three go to the J+W restaurant after a day of swimming in the ocean. When the three try to walk home when it starts to get dark, and get tired almost to the point of feeling faint, Sunny's dad stops by in his car and tells them to "hop in".


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