Sugar Bits




Action, Supernatural

Created by

Vinson Ngo (story, art, line art) DMajorBoss (story) Seiryuga (color) Griddles (former editor)

Sugar Bits (シュガービット Shugā Bitto) is a comic created by Vinson NGO and posted at . The story is about Gingerman who seek for Ginger. Bleedman did the art and story for the chapter 1 - 5 with Griddles' help till' Chapter 3. Beer helped him with the story in Chapter 5 and in Chapter 6, Bleedman only did the line art, while Seiryuga did the color and DMajorBoss the story.

The series started on March 18, 2007. Bleedman has indicated to some a possible desire to end Sugarbits production, citing waning interest from both the creative team and the fans in favor of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. Whilst nothing is certain, Sugarbits continues to update slower than the other comic and may be facing cancellation. However, new pages have been uploaded as of February 3 due to Bleedman putting PPGD on hiatus once again to continue the series. After the passing of writer DMajorBoss the comics was put on hold, only releasing one new page as a memorandum.


see story here: Story

Voice CastEdit

see:Sugar Bits/Characters

Character Seiyu Voice Actor
Hansel Gingerman Mamoru Miyano Todd Haberkorn
Ginger, Licorice

Romi Park (Ginger)

Etsuko Kozakura (Licorice)

Caitlin Glass 

Bo Chiwa Saito Brina Palencia
King Takehito Koyasu Christopher Sabat
Cupcake Ayaka Saito Carrie Savage
Robin Junko Takeuchi Cherami Leigh
Mammon (Gene) Takeshi Kusao Vic Mignogna
Brave None None
Kaveeteh Kappei Yamaguchi Chuck Huber
Nurse Jellybean Maaya Sakamoto Laura Bailey

More to come

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