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FA: Stupidly Together, Episode 7, Stupidly Visited

  • Opening plays*

  • After Opening, it shows Ruka laying on the couch*

Ruka: Hm...

Honoo: What's wrong, Oneech- -Uh...

Kimu: Dude!

Kaori: What's wrong, Oneechan?

Ruka: That guy...we went in his lab... *there's a knock at the door* I'm coming! *opens the door, and there's Joe (policeman from last episode) with the man*

Kimu, Honoo & Kaori: He has the mad scientist!

Joe: This is Sakura Tsuki...

Ruka: 2 questions, isn't Joe an English name and Sakura a girl name?

Joe: My mother was English, so my name is English, and Sakura...*taps head with pen* I dunno actually...

Sakura: BE QUIET!

Joe: Say you're sorry...

Sakura: ME?! ME?!?! They should!

Joe: They?

Sakura: YEAH! That WOMAN there and that old man God! *jumps on Ruka*

Ruka: Wah! Get him off meAnime Maker!

  • 5 Minute Commercial Break*

Joe: *pulls Sakura off Ruka* Sorry!

Ruka: It's ok...I guess...

Sakura: *sprints away when Joe looses his grip* I'LL KILL YOU, WOMAN~~!

Joe: ...Well, bye! *gets on motorcycle*

Ruka: Thank you! *walks inside, and sighs* Ugh...

Kaori: Poor oneechan..

Honoo: Let's eat smoothie!

Kimu: Be quiet, Hoo-hoo

Honoo: You, Ki-ki-kiku

Kaori: S-T-O-P! Stop! In the name of 673,728 x 5!

Honoo: Eh..wha?

Kaori: 673,728 x 5! It equals 3,368,640!

Kimu & Honoo: Eh...

Ruka: I'm going to bed...*walks upstairs*

Kaori, Kimu, & Honoo: O-K!

  • Ending plays*

  • End of Episode 7*

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