Female Annonucer: New show, Stupidly Together, Episode 1 named Stupidly New!

-Theme plays- (0:00-1:16 and the PV is not the opening) thumb|300px|right|Theme: Triple Baka

-After Theme, it shows a young brown haired girl slide down the stairs-

Kaori: One-sec-Ruka-oneechan!

Ruka: We're going to be late! -opens door-

-as Kaori slides past Ruka, Kaori grabs her backpack-

Ruka: Hey! -runs after Kaori-

Kaori: Try to get me!

Ruka: I don't have that much energy at 7 in the morning!

Kaori: -sees the school, still running- I see i- -bumps into a brown haired boy, about Kaori's age-

???: Yo!

Ruka: -.-" Can you please move?

-another boy walks up-

???2: Not intil you tell us your names...

Kaori: Kaori!

Ruka: Ruka...

???1: Name's Honoo!

???2: Name's Kimu!

Ruka: Now can we go?

Honoo: Unless, you help us with something....

Ruka & Kaori: Which is...?

Kimu: We need help finding our bike....because SOMEONE left it unsupervised! -looks at Honoo-

Honoo: Don't blame me!

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

-the 4 walk up to a strange house-

Honoo: I left it here!

Kimu: Let's go inside! -walks in with Kaori and Honoo, but Ruka hesitates-

Kaori: Come on, oneechan!

Ruka: ...Fine..So you guys don't get in trouble...

-Kimu runs fingers across a tube-

Kimu: Woah...

Kaori: Frankestein's lab, eh?

Kimu: I don't know...

Ruka: I don't like this place...

Kimu: Scared of the dark?

Honoo: -sees a keyboard next to the tube- I might press this!

Kimu: Wai- -Honoo presses the big button, and they get sucked into the tube-

-smoke fills the tube-

-Kaori, Honoo, and Kimu get sucked into Ruka-


-Ruka then passes out as the tube door opens, and lands face-first on the floor-

-End of Episode 1-

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