Strongest Under Heaven: The Third Strike
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 13
Run time 22-25 minutes

Strongest Under Heaven 3: The Third Strike (aka S.U.H. 3) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro based off the game Strongest Under Heaven 3, which is also the sequel to Strongest Under Heaven 2: The Second Kick.

Taking place two years from the events of Strongest Under Heaven 2: The Second Kick, the story is once again a slightly modified version of Hinamori and Ryo's stories mixed with some other characters. The story now takes place in the USA where Hinamori went to go to college but is tempted into joining the Strongest Under Heaven tournament.


After Sin was defeated in the last tournament, the organization known as Fake was destroyed with the help of the S.U.H. Agency after the tournament. Not expecting to join the next S.U.H. tournament, Hinamori had moved to America to go to a college but had met with her old rival and friend, Ryo and was tempted to once again fight in the tournament. What no one had expected was that a new reward was added into the tournament; the winner will be rewarded the entire S.U.H. tournament and inherit all the money and fortune of Rikuo Saiga, but the money will only be given as a will after he dies.


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Main ProtagonistsEdit

Hinamori RaikuroEdit

A tomboyish young girl with the will of a fighter. She was trained by her father in their family dojo for 11 years and had mastered the Raikuro Style martial arts. After she graduated high school, she had cut her hair to look like a male's hairstyle and went to the United States to go to college. She was tempted to join the next Strongest Under Heaven tournament by Ryo and had decided to join just to teach him a lesson. She is voiced by Chiaki Omigawa.

Ryo SakuraiEdit

A dedicated young boy of the Raikuro Style martial arts who often slacks off at work and argues with Hinamori. He is the childhood rival of Hinamori, they had met each other in the Raikuro Dojo when they were 7 and had became friends but later became rivals when they started fighting over the things they like. He had not changed much after the his first S.U.H. tournament other than becoming a traveler looking for fights since graduating high school. He is now a biker and often seen around with his motorcycle nearby. He is voiced by Satoshi Hino.

Main AntagonistEdit

Rikuo SaigaEdit

The founder and owner of the Strongest Under Heaven tournament and corporation. He is a kind and passionate old man who loves to fight and watch others fight. He had made his will the reward of this tournament because his desire to find his successor since he has none of his own. He is voiced by Masashi Hirose.