Stocking! is a talk show anime in which Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt interviews various anime characters over upcoming/recent anime. It started on June 8, 2012 and airs regularly on TV Osaka, Tokyo MX, and TV Tokyo Friday nights at 21:00. Each episode is 15 minutes long.


NOTE: * means that Crunchyroll has this episode available to stream via their website.

Episode 1: Sword Art Online*Edit

Stocking interviews Kirito and Asuna over their at the time upcoming anime series Sword Art Online. They discuss the light novels, the transition from light novel to anime, and take Twitter questions.

Episode 2: YuruYuri*Edit

Stocking interviews the YuruYuri girls about their upcoming second season of YuruYuri. They discuss their club, some of their early adventures together, tackle a steamy audience question on whether they've considered lesbianism or not, and take Twitter questions.

Episode 3: Binbougami ga!Edit

Stocking interviews Sakura Ichiko over her upcoming anime Binbougami ga!. Stocking tries to convince Sakura that her life won't suck...that bad while they take Twitter questions.

Episode 4: Kokoro Connect*Edit

Stocking interviews the Kokoro Connect cast as they discuss their recent body-switching adventures, which Stocking isn't exactly buying, and then take Twitter questions.

Episode 5: So, I Can't Play H?*Edit

Stocking interviews the So, I Can't Play H cast as Ryosuke cries about his now failure of a sex drive, publicly humiliates himself and takes degrading Twitter questions.

Episode 6: Girls und Panzer*Edit

Stocking interviews the Girls und Panzer cast as they show the ins and outs of tanks, from the first tank to how their school enforces safety of tanks involving high school girls and take Twitter questions.

Episode 7: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!!Edit

Stocking has plenty of odd questions for Rikka about her eyepatch, as it's revealed Stocking has an eyepatch fetish. Rikka is fascinated by her fetishism while Yuuta is freaked out by it then they take some Twitter questions.

Episode 8: Gintama's return*Edit

Stocking asks the Gintama crew about their worst experiences at Odd Jobs, forces them to read her doujinshi and also has them take Twitter questions.


  • Crunchyroll only has the rights to stream select episodes, mostly of shows they are simulcasting themselves.

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