Spellbound is the third graphic novel in the mini -series, Terrible Luck by Manta-bee. The gang is sent to a magic boarding school, majorly run by beastly staff. There, they meet friends, enemies, and (unfortunatley) Lerich.

Plot summaryEdit

The gang is sent to Majorka's School of Magicry. They then get their first encounter of Caterina, who shoves past them and insults them. When they reach the administrative office, they find the assistant headmaster is  quite uncaring and snarky, deluded about his "genius". During lunch period, Caterina and the other rival house members from Demontail try to mock the newcomers, but are immediatley saved by other students, named Epiphany and Cain, from their house. They then learn that those students were once tormented by Caterina at one point. After a sporting event, where Dragonthorn wins, a suspicious new coach claiming to love the performance the gang gave, gives them some tests, saying it's to test their endurance, but they must do so all night and continuously, in order to tire them out and in attempt to have them fail their other classes as well as their Magical SATs and have them expelled so he can get them back in his clutches. Professor Grimley seems to be on their side and understands them, saying they shouldn't be expelled, and rather, they should expell Caterina. But then Lerich comes out of his disguise, captures Epiphany and Cain and gets away. Sadly, the gang is expelled, but is determined to find out where Lerich took the poor hostages.


  • Caterina: Yes, go sit with the freaks.
Cain: Freaks?! Have you looked in a mirror?! Besides, who wants to sit with you?

  • [Amy is moving her bangs with her hand]
Professor Marlin: No personal grooming, Miss Rose.
[Caterina is seen with her full make-up kit putting on her make-up. Amy looks over and scowls]

  • [Caterina and three boys are seen playing keep away with a crystal ball]
Sonic: Hey, hey!
Cain: Now, now, he has got to fight his own battles.
[Sonic turns into a whirlwhind and whirls the four students into it]

Knuckles: Will you ever give us a straight answer?
Penders: What do you think?
Knuckles: Grr...


  • Vice Headmaster Penders is based on both Professor Snape and Ken Penders, the latter who a number of fans dislike for his work on the Archie Sonic comics.
  • Professor Grimley appears to be in his early 20s, but is really 205 years old. Some magicfolk are said to have immortality, such as witches.

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