"Those things...the Specimens...killed my co-workers and friends, and it was because of Kevin...I never want to hear Horizone or Kevin Clamley ever again..."-Dr.Yoshrio Saionji (Sekai's uncle) telling The Retro Ace about "The Horizne Incident"

Specimens are a race of zombie-like monsters, originally created by the British Bio-Tech Corperation Horizone Inc originally as a military-funded super soilder project to protect humanity from future threats similar to the Combine, however it went terribly, terribly wrong. Now they are created by the Horde of Hell by Chaos Cultists


The Horizone Project, June 12th 2009

After the fall of the Combine and restoration of governments around the world. The United Nations grew worried if some similar imperialistic threat would try to conqure the earth.The United Kingdoms suggested Horizone Inc would be able to create the perfect defense against it. They brought cybernetics and bio-engineering expert Dr. Kevin Clamley to the leaders of the world and he gladly accepted the project. Sekai's uncle, an expert of Cybernetics was personaly asked by Dr. Clamley to assist him and his wife in assiting with the project. However, Kevin at the time was depressed over the murder of his son who was going to be a artist, he decided to use his DNA-as a form of remembering him-to create the basic type of soldier that followed comands from anyone with the use of cybernetic brain implants(Late clones of this would end up deformed until becoming what would become the Clot). Also Kevin decided to test some mental enhansements-that increase sight, smell, and hearing-on himself but at that time he was perscribed with anti-depressants, the combonation gradualy alter his mind making him unstable. As more experiments of new types continued, Swift and athletic soldiers (but became insane and mutated lead to what became the Gorefast), Wall climbing assisins (Lead to crawlers), Adrenlane powered cyborg troops (However the hands were mutilated, later became the Fleshpound), Melee fighters made with DNA of boxing champions (Brutes), sonic attacks (Sirens-which were from mutilated clones of his wife), Perfect feild medic with a interchangeable cyber-hand for sugical tools and endured pain (Scrake-wanted to inflict pain), Stealth without constant hiding (Stalkers) teleporing troops on impulse with a chip placed in a slot of a implant in the back of their necks (Shivers-made shivering movements, created a cool feild around them, chip made them violent and canibalistic), Perfect demolition experts (Husks and Fatales) and Bloats were leftovers. Over time Kevin's accidental self-poisoning of his mind lead to his wife trying to leave him. The result was she was killed by a Siren, Dr. Saionji asked what happened "Kevin told me." was the Siren's reply, and when he found him, he already replaced his arm with a weapon, and a life support pack on his back, and had mutations from genetic enhansments for the specimens, injected into himself, and cybernetics grafted into his own body by his loyal co-workers, The Specimins got protective around their creator, who started calling them his "Children". Thats when the crisis started and the projecte headed underground with Kevin kidnapping Yoshiro...

August 9th. 2009, The End of The Incident, Death of Kevin Clamley AKA "The Patriarch"

Yoshiro Escaped with another test subject; British Lt. Masterson. as they escaped to the chopper a Fleshpound attack Yoshiro until shot by the rescue squard, Kevin tried to stop them, but Masterson stopped the now mutated Doctor, and shot him to death with a AA 12, blowing his left hand and right leg off. His last words were "No! My Children! Don't let your-GULRPH!-Dont let your daddy die!" and Dr. Saionji passed out, waking up in the hospital being informed the specimens and Kevin are dead.

June 22nd. 2011, The 3 Rings Incident

Little did anyone know that Kevin was a good friend of a Ringleader of a old-style amusement park called "The 3 Rings" who shared his work to create some attractions for his park. When he heard about Kevin's death, he was devastated and decided to continue his work, only adjusting it to fit his Amusement Park, to create more attractions. However, this backfired, and a Steampunk group was called in to take care of the mess. It was more easy since they had no Patriarch of their own.

October 30th. Halloween Night 2011, The Goulish Circus Incident

Some of the specimens escaped and the smarter ones began to continue the work only with a mix of a "Halloween and Circus flavor" this time 2 Steampunk Groups joined with Masterson and Mr. Foster's groups to stop this threat, it was minor, no casualties.

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