Special Agents Team (often referred to as simply Special Agents), is an anime series airing on The Right Stuf Network. It is a series of an action/spy genre. A flim is also planned in the works.

Special Agents Team
Format Anime series
Created by Manta-bee
English Network The Right Stuf Network
First aired April 15, 2010




The heroes of the team are

  • Thorn Thurston - The ninja. He was formerly part of a band of theives.
  • Ashley Garder - The Spy who was formerly working for a syndicate.
  • Surge Powell - The Engineer who also takes part in the action who owns the team van.
  • Elma Danube - The hacker
  • Neko Maui - A robot cat that joined the team. Due to Thorn feeling that robots are taking over society, he was reluctant to trust Maui. It also speaks backwards (English in the Japanese version) as its backwards speech was explained by Elma being a manufacturing error due to a twisted circuit, and that correcting it would ruin all the other circuts, so it was left the way it was.


  • Avery Bostwick - A smuggler of electronic gadgets that the agents retrieved Neko Maui from a test lab.
  • Ice Man
  • The Kaboom Kid
  • Maniac Mechanic

The author stated one villain will be a "fake cutie" variety, who looks like a child but is much older than they appear, and there will be an episode that deals with a mob, another will be a blob-like alien, an assassin, pirates and robbers.

So far the episodes they'll make their appearances are unscheduled.


Episode number Episode name Japanese airdate Right Stuf airdate Synopsis
1 Mission Start April 15, 2005 2010 Thorn and Surge's first mission takes them to Matataru, where their target, Avery Bostwick, is wanted for stealing a robotic animal from a lab. To avoid capture, Bostwick wears disguises in the form of permanent cosmetics. At a diner, Bostwick loses the briefcase containing the robot when it is stolen behind his back. Thorn discovers the thief attempting to pawn the robot off and, mistaking him for Bostwick, tries to throw shurikens at him. Thorn orders the store owner to show him what's inside the case the robot is revealed to be modeled in the shape of a small cat that wakes up and greets them in English (backwards speak in the English dub). As Thorn leaves the pawn shop, the real Bostwick appears and attempts to take the cat back; the cat manages to escape, using a built-in jet pack, prompting Thorn, and the group of scientists who had illegally tried to steal the patent to give chase. Thorn ultimately loses Bostwick but gains possession of the cat, whom he brings back to the base. Surge suggests that Thorn lure Bostwick into trying to take it back. However, the scientists activate a homing device to find their "robotic spy cat", resulting in the cat escaping from Thorn. Bostwick steals a car and manages to grab the cat, while Thorn and the scientists pursue him in their van and truck, respectively. The cat manipulates the car's controls to open the doors and jumps out, causing Thorn to reluctantly save it by having it land on top of his van. Meanwhile, Bostwick and the scientists crash their vehicles and are apprehended by the police. The cat, named Maui (Na-yi in the Japanese version), is shown to now be living at the base, much to Thorn's chagrin.
2 Garder Snake April 25, 2005 2010 With Maui as a new-found companion, the team crosses paths with Ashley Garder, a wanted fugitive and spy for the other side.
3 Elma's World May 5, 2005 2010 The crew enlists the help of a computer hacker nicknamed "E-scape" to help them track down a rooftop vandal. However, when they finally meet Elma face-to-face, her true identity surprises everybody.
4 Get That on Ice May 15, 2005 2010 The team face a new threat: Ice Man.
5 The Kaboom Kid 2010 A corrupt demolition expert with a young looking face wreaks havoc by blowing up roads, train tracks and highways. This time, he's got a new idea to make things go up in smoke. Will the team be able to stop him?

Unscheduled episodesEdit

An episode that hasn't been scheduled is one where Ashley loses hope and tries to leave the team.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Thorn Thurston Kappei Yamaguchi Crispin Freeman
Ashley Garder Michelle Ruff
Surge Powell David Wittenburg
Elma Danube Jessica Boone
Neko (Na-yi) Maui Junichi Kanemaru Wendee Lee

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