Sour Encounters is the fourth graphic novel in the mini-series Terrible Luck by Manta-bee where Sonic and Co. meet Irrika and Taffy.

Plot summaryEdit

Sonic and Co. are sent by Polly to stay with Irrika. Irrika plays alot of importance in her town. She is very obsesed with what she thinks is "cool". After going through a dark forest, they finally reach Irrika's house, where she lives with her sweetheart Taffy. They are warmly welcomed and Irrika takes a liking to the gang, as Mobian creatures are considered "cool" to her. Taffy and Irrika's relationship is revealed to have Irrika being in total control as Taffy usually avoids arguing with her, so he continuosly follows her orders. Irrika then sends them out because she will be busy discussing matters with a trader named Harrod. The trader appears to be Lerich, which the gang try to tell Taffy, but he just says just because somebody appears strange, dosen't mean they are harmful. They are left alone in the house the next day. They search around for Harrod, but find nothing.

They get the idea to tell Irrika about Lerich, and she seems to believe them, and she says she needs to talk to them where no one will hear them, so she takes them to a well, which is the hole in the ground they saw earlier. She then pushes them in and tells her that Lerich trained her in the art of deception. The well seems to have dried up, as there was no water in it.

Knuckles climbs up the well and throws the rope down to the rest of the gang. When they travel down a certain path, they find themselves popping up at the site where Tails' plane crashed. They change direction and try and find Lerich to stop him from carrying out whatever horrible thing he has planned.

They arrive at the "bachelor/bachelorette" auction at the event where Taffy will make a marriage proposal to Irrika.

Some of them stall, by hiding behind people, shouting prices and making it look as if the people are buying, in order to speed things up to unmask Harrod, while the other half looks for wherever Epiphany and Cain are hiding and figure they are in a giant vase. They pour out it's contents, which happen to be marbles. 

After Lerich slips on them, he is found out, he and Irrika flee the scene, with Irrika tossing her engagement ring to the ground, implying she left Taffy for Lerich. It turns out Epiphany and Cain were hidden in a large fluke statue.

Taffy wants the gang to stay with him, and insists on taking them far away. They refuse this, however.

The story ends when Taffy is forced to let them go, because he is too cowardly to help them.


(Coming Soon)


  • In the auction scene, Sonic says "One million dollars," and puts his pinky to his lips, remeniscent of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.

Chronological InfoEdit


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