(A ghost appears) Oslek: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to Soul of Fate! Previously from the last episode, Ryan finds a vampire! Ryan was losing to him so he has to turn to Leon. As Leon won, the vampire forgives him and told him his name, Ken Unmei. Is he a friend or foe? Anyway, onto Episode 3! Fire and Ice.


(Ryan was walking at the forest)

Ryan That Ken person doesn't really seems like an enemy...(Notices the frozen lake then the demon pouts) What did Fro- (Notices the burning trees) Hmm...Now that's odd....Probably a smoking incident...


(Ryan is walking with Frost)

Frost: I'm telling you, Ryan, I didn't froze the lake..

Ryan: What other Yukidaruma or Yuki-Onna freeze it then?

Frost: Come on, Ryan! You know I only freeze things when I'm depressed!

Ryan: Oh yeah....Like the time you made that tree to a tree-cicle (laughs)

Frost: Hey, you told everyone my crush on Cyan!!

(A fire and ice combo attack nearly hits Ryan and Frost)

Frost: Wah!

Ryan: What the hell?!

(Two men, one red-haired and one blue-haired was on the top of the cliff, pointing at the two)
???1: Damn, brother! We missed the demon!

???2: Don't worry, Onii-san ...We'll get them again....

Ryan Who're you?!

Frost: And why did you attacked us?!

???1: We are of no importance! What is important is killing you! -points at Ryan-

Ryan: What?! Why?!

???2: Our race is against demons....And our task is to wipe them out to keep the planet safe...

Frost: That's crazy! Not all demons are evil!

???1: Hah! That's so funny, I forgot how to laugh!

???2: They are all evil and we must stop them before the world ends...

5 Minute Break

???1 Begone, demon! (The red-haired one jumps down and does a kicks as his leg goes up in flames)

Ryan: ! (Dodges it)

???2: Careful, Onii-san, he's a speed type...

Ryan: -makes a flame kick to counter the red-haired man's attack-

???1: -thinks- He can control fire as well...?

Ryan: (Makes a force of wind push the red-haired man far back)
???1: -thinks- And wind...?

Ryan: -thinks- Maybe ice and lightning can help.... (Ryan freezes the path the red-haired man is at)

???1: Gah!

(Ryan makes lightning out of his fist and punches the red-haired man)

???2: -thinks- I think I seen enough... (The blue-haired man dashes infront of the red-haired one)

???1: Brother! What are you doing?! I was about to win!

???2: Think, Onii-san! He was controlling fire, ice, lightning and wind!

???1: I know that, I was getting hit by them!

???2: Don't you get it? He's part-Spirit Being!

???1: ! What?!

Frost: (Turns at Ryan) Who?

Ryan: (Still silent)

To Be Continued

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