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(A ghost appears) Oslek: Hello everyone, welcome back to Soul of Fate! Previously from the pilot, a demon named Ryan Kurai found an energy source called the Soul Spheres and must prevent his father named Lucius by taking, and Ryan transformed to a different personality called Leon. So back to where we left off, by episode 2! Friend or Foe?


(Ryan as Leon is walking)

Leon: That Guard Armour was weak.....(See a silver-haired and blood red-eyed male walking) Wait a minute... (Walks to go closer) Hey! (The silver-haired male sees him and quickly dashes into a portal) Was that......A vampire?


(Two hours later, Leon is now Ryan)

Ryan: I never got to see a vampire before....

Frost: Are you sure that was a vampire? He could've been another yukidaruma..

(The time pauses as Oslek appears)

Oslek: A Yukidaruma is a person that can control ice and sometimes water, they have a form that makes their hair crystalized. They also have a female kind called a Yuki-Onna.

(Oslek disappears and time continues)

Jack: Don't get your hopes up, Frost..

Ryan: I'm not sure...I saw the red eyes...

(A silver-blur attacks Frost and Jack)
Jack and Frost: !!

Ryan: Frost-kun! Jack-san!

???: I know you're the black-haired demon that saw me...I don't take strangers very well....

Ryan: Doesn't matter! You hurt my friends and that's unforgivable!

???: Hmph, since when you know the term "unforgivable"?

Ryan: I repeat what I've said before: Doesn't matter!

???: Besides that, prepare to die!

Ryan: Wait!

???: .....Yes?

Ryan: You work with a guy named Lucius right?

???: Are you serious!? I would never work with that monster!

Ryan: Okay..

???: Get ready! (He charges at Ryan and kicks his stomach)

Ryan: Gah! Might as well use Leon...

???: Who?

Ryan: (He smirks) You'll see.. (He raises his amethyst Soul Bracelet and a red aura covers him)

???: Wait....I didn't recognize this aura...

5 Minute Break

(The aura shatters, changing Ryan to Leon) Leon: Remember me? Because maybe, you'll remember this! (He charges and punches the vampire in the chin)

???: Such powerful strength! But I'm stronger! (Kicks Leon at the side)

Leon: Heh.....Even though you're another S-rank...You're nothing but worthless trash to me... (Punches the vampire into the cliff)

???: Ugh...(He gets up) You're pretty strong for a regular demon...

Leon: Hmm, thanks...

???: Sorry for attacking...I thought you work with Lucius...

Leon: Actually..I'm his son, but I abandoned him, years ago...

???: I see no problem with that...My name is Ken Unmei..

Leon: Leon-Ryan Kurai...

Ken: I hope we'll see eachother again...We could work together against Lucius...

Leon: That sounds good...

Ken: Until then, Kurai Leon. I'll be waiting... (He disappears)

Leon: Likewise, Unmei Ken...

(Frost and Jack wakes up)
Frost: Leon? Who attacked us?

Leon: (Smirks) Maybe a new friend....


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