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Soul Eater Again
Format Anime series
Created by Takuya Igarashi
Director(s) Curiousgorge66
Run time 30 minutes
English Network ToonNick TOO (season 1/2 only)
Nicktoons Family (season 3)
First aired April 9th, 2015
Last aired June 13th, 2016

Soul Eater Again is a Japanese animated television series based off of Soul Eater. The concept was written by Curiousgorge66 and the show itself was created by Takuya Igarashi.

In January 2016, TV Tokyo renewed the series for a third season ahead of the second season premiere.

The series ended on June 1st, 2016 in Japan and on June 13th, 2016 in the United States.


Maka's storylineEdit

Maka Albarn is graduating from the Death Weapon Martial Academy (DWMA), and before she does... she must collect 199 evil humans' souls and one witch's soul. Soul also has to become a death scythe before both of them can graduate.

Black Star's storylineEdit

Black Star is also nearing graduation from the DWMA, and he must collect 200 souls of evil humans and, like Maka, one witch soul.

Death The Kid's storylineEdit

Kid wants to impress his father (Lord Death) at his graduation by collecting 400 souls of evil humans and two witches' souls.


Season 1Edit

Soul Eater Again/List of Season One Episodes

Season 2Edit

Soul Eater Again/List of Season Two Episodes

Season 3Edit

Soul Eater Again/List of Season Three Episodes


  • The original series began airing in 2008; Soul Eater Not! aired in 2014. This gap between the series made the concept writer realize, "Hey, there's something wrong with this story. Why doesn't the original characters graduate in Soul Eater Not?" This is what inspired this series.
  • This is the last Soul Eater series, and the only one not to start off as a manga.

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