Attention! The discription below is based on fandom. For a real description go to the link on the bottom of this page!

Skull Satamon is a black red demon perfect digimon.

(スカルサタモン Skull Satamon)
Skull Satamon
English Name SkullSatamon
Japanese Name Skull Satamon
Level Ultimate
Attribute Virus
Type Undead
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Move One Bone Blaster
Move Two Skull Hammer
Digivolves From Devimon
Digivolves Into Daemon


Skull Satamon is a devious digimon that is out for revenge. It plans to doom the entire digital world.


  • Evolution Stage: Perfect
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Type: Undead
  • Element: Darkness


  • Nail Bone
  • Skull Hammer



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