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Sienna Travers

Full Name/Alias

Sienna Travers a.k.a. Fuschia Roxx (If she's on the Band)


June 18, 1997 / 17 Years old


153cm (5' 0.2")


41kg (90lbs)


Lawful Good <-> Neutral Good

Hair Color


Eye Color


Family and Relatives

Doesn't Remember (All deceased)

Jonathan Travers (Shares surname, hinted to be her brother.)

Geminia (Split Personality)

Allies and Friends

Blake Snider/Blas Platinum (Friend)

Zelda Grizel/Sheena Marvelous (Friend)

Gavin Albain/Ace Saturn (Friend)

Luke (Pet)

Ron Sampson (Boss)

Ameth/Elizabeth Amador (Friend)

Roger Masters (Boss and Friend)

Rose Belladonna (Friend)


Four Horsemen of Apocalypse:

Aurelius Krüger

Karen Ludenberg

Lloyd Flynn

Blair Turner




Protagonist. Pilot of the Zero-Type Ragnarök. Student.

"Luke, this town is similar to me in this moment... sad and alone."

Sienna making a comment about how Dark Town and her are similar to Luke.

Sienna Travers is one of the Main protagonists of Feast of the Black Strings, she's the pilot of the Zero-Type Ragnarök Mecha, and a autist.


Sienna has pale skin, short tomboyish dark brown hair, with a long ponytail, has yellow eyes with light eyeshadows, heights 153cm (5' 0.2") and weights 41kg (90lbs), she uses a high school customized uniform with orange long skirt, White Sailor fuku shirt with some black, dark red ribbon, brown boots, and long Gray leggings. When she's on pilot suit, she uses a Yellow and Black metallic suit with a yellow helmet and a orange visor.


Sienna is an autist; avoiding social and physical contact with other people, doesn't respond by her surname and only responds by her name, doesn't talk too much and limits herself in doing the same exercise (Riding the Mecha). She's also kind and honest young lady, she hates fighting in all its forms, but uses her inner abilities as part of her autism to her own benefit, riding a mecha, Luke, her pet, is her only family and also best friend.


Black Strings and Feast Members.Edit

  • Luke: He's a talking cyber-pet and Sienna's best friend, he tries to do anything that could make her happy, he resembles her dad's younger voice.
  • Blake Snider/Blas Platinum: Her relation with Blake/Blas is somewhat awkward in sense, she doesn't know that Blake, the only close friend that she did have in the High School, is actually the leader of the Band.
  • Zelda Grizel/Sheena Marvelous: Sienna has a very good relation with Sheena, but Sienna doesn't know Zelda; and even that they're the similar person.
  • Gavin Albain/Ace Saturn: Sienna has a very good relation with Ace, but Sienna doesn't know Gavin (despite being the music teacher at her school); and even that they're the similar person.
  • Rose: Rose and Sienna were in the same School, but they're completely different in personality, still tries to get close with her.
  • Roger Masters: Roger is her boss and coordinator, he's like a father figure to her since her parents died; he's the only guy who protects her from the bullies when he is a the school.
  • Ameth: Ameth and Sienna are pretty much like a mother and a daughter relation, and has a possible connection with her as her possible aunt from her mother.
  • Jonathan Travers: A possibly family member of his, despite her bad interaction with him, he tries to be a good friend of her.
  • Ron Sampson: Due to how similar Sienna is to his daughter, Sampson hates her with a passion, threatening her horribly bad, and even touching her when she's defenseless or shows no mercy.

Rivals/Villains/Four Horsemen of ApocalypseEdit

  • Four Horsemen: The personal motivation of Sienna is ending the story of the Four Horsemen, due to another side of her personality, named Geminia, controls her as a crazy and mad girl, wanting to kill them all.
  • Geminia: She has a mixed relation to her since she's the inner force behind Sienna, she's overprotective of her. Even possibly that she developed a bipolar demeanor.


  • The Name Sienna means "Reddish-orange", as part of the color naming of the protagonists.
  • She used to be called before in early stages of conception: Emilia. Sienna has a reddish orange shirt on her school uniform, also a reddish orange visor on her Helmet.
  • She's the fourth main protagonist, and is the most susceptible to have more problems than the rest of the protagonists, as Sampson introduces her, she is in her Pilot suit and has her helmet, silent and even scared. Also possibly due to in Japan and some other oriental countries, there's a superstition that the number 4, means death.
  • According to Ameth, she represents in this story: The Major Arcana Number 20: Judgment, because she doesn't know what the destiny holds to her.
  • Her Anti-Heroine type is "Classical Anti-hero", for these reasons:
    • She suffers a lot of self-doubt, and also is kind of a coward when introducing herself to others.
    • She has quirky tendences when staying with people, she's not too good at a crowded place and wants to leave whenever they're here.
    • She's frightened of Sampson, the Horsemen and her bullies at her best.
  • She's a rare example of a Mecha Protagonist and other series in general who's an autist and she claims that she has no friends or enemies, however, Geminia says (rather lying) the opposite when she's her shadow in a Overture short: That Eliza and that other boy were her only true friends and the others are "Friends only in name".
  • The surname Travers is a self introduced family name and that she's truly an orphan, Jonathan casually shares her surname.
  • Her theme is Honest Eyes, since she's questioning how she survived to the requirements and the tests for the Mecha Ragnarök, and also how her life is "shared" with Geminia, it's also the Third Ending of the OVA mini series.

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