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FA: Shugo Chara Extra!, Episode 1, Aki, The New King

-Opening plays- thumb|300px|right|OP: Colorful Heartbeat (0:00 to 1:26)

-After Opening, it shows Amu, sitting on a bench-

Ran: Amu-chan? We've waited for 20 minutes here, at this party store, so...

Amu: No. We need to wait for Tadase-kun

Ran, Miki, Su & Dia: Fine...

-a boy a little bit older than Amu walks up-

Amu: He...llo?

???: Stand up and bow to your new husband!

Amu & her Guardian Characters: What?

???: May I marry you...when you grow up?

Amu: Well...-scratches head-

???: -takes Amu's hand- I am Akinori, my nickname is Aki, so call me that

Amu: Ok...

Miki: This guy seems stupid, yet suspiscious...

Aki: -pulls Amu up- Come on, let's go to the movie theater

Tadase: -walks up- Hello Hina- -sees Aki- Who is that?

Amu: I don't know...

Aki: I am the prince of Japan!

Tadase: Pri...nce? -character changes with Kiseki- You are my apprentice then, because I am the King!

Aki: I'm better looking than you, so I should be the king!

Amu: Well, bye! -runs away-

Aki: -walks away from Tadase, grinning, and whispers- I'll get that Amu from you...Tadase...

-3 Minute Commercial Break-

Amu: I'm home! -flops on bed-

El: -flies in- Amu-chan! You failed to get Utau-chan's call earlier!

Amu: It was Utau? Oh...I thought it was Aki...

El: ...Well, bye! -flies out the window-

Amu: What is up with her?

Su: I made cookies! Sorry Amu-chan, I could only make small cookies!

Amu: It's ok!

Ran: I'm going to my egg...-goes inside egg-

Miki, Su & Dia: Same here.. -they fly into their eggs-

Aki: -jumps in from the window, grabs Miki and Su's eggs, and tape them-

Amu: Hey! What are you doing?!

Aki: Nothing...-grins-

Amu: Give me them back! -jumps towards Aki, but he dodges-

Aki: -grabs Ran and Dia, and tapes them- Good-bye, my future Queen! -jumps out window-


-Ending plays- thumb|300px|right|ED: Secret Princess (0:00 to 1:25)

-End of Episode 1-

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