Shugo Chara Extra! is an anime that is based of Shugo Chara!, but episodes are scattered (Ex: In one episode, it has Nagihiko as the Jack, while in the next episode, Kukai is the Jack).

Name Shugo Chara Extra!
Genre(s) Magical Girl, Romance, Comedy
Channel Magic Girl
Creator(s) Crazyrox
First Aired

Feburary 9, 2011


Shugo Chara Extra! is basically extras from the animes Shugo Chara!, Shugo Chara Doki!, and Shugo Chara Party!. But, the episodes are in no special order (most of the time).


Characters From Main SeriesEdit!_characters

Shugo Chara Extra! Only CharactersEdit

Jenna JacksonEdit

(Time: 5th Grade for Amu)

Jenna is a transfer student from America. She sits behind Amu, but because of her shortness, she always has to ask Amu to move her head/body. Her outside character is shy yet pretty. When she wishes for her to become her true self (a mean, pushy character), she gives birth to a Guardian Egg. Later at school, Nikaidou

turns Jenna's egg into an X Egg. Amu runs up, transforms into Amulet Clover, and purifies the egg. Jenna's egg hatches. The next day, Jenna goes back to America.

Yuki TokiEdit

(Time: 6th Grade for Amu)

Yuki is a girl who goes to Yaya's class. She is bossy, and making everyone her servants (reminding Amu of how Rima was at first). 2 days (1 episode) after Yuki transfers to the school, Yaya sees taking eggs from 3 other students. Yaya quickly gets Amu, Amu transforms into Amulet Spade, and Yaya transforms into Dear Baby. With Yaya's help, Amu purifies the eggs. Yuki drops out of the school, but then she goes back as a good girl.

Akinori AkatsukiEdit

(Time: 6th Grade for Amu)

Akinori meets Amu (who is waiting for Tadase) at a party shop in the mall, and Aki (Akinori's nickname) flirts with Amu. When Tadase arrives, the two gain rivalry. That night, Aki goes to Amu's house, and steals Miki and Su. Amu tries to save them, but Aki also ends up stealing Ran and Dia. The next day (next episode), Amu is telling the Guardians about Aki stealing her eggs. Aki runs in, and manages to kidnap Amu. The Guardians try to find Amu, but they can't find her. When they past Easter when they gave up, they remember they forgot to search Easter. In the end, Amu and her eggs are saved.

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