Episode Character Event Power Level
Episode 1Jaken ShockwaveStart of Series65,200,000 (normal)
Army of KintaiaFighting with Jaken850,000
Irika Kintaiafighting with Jaken3,270,000
Jaken (injured)Fighting with Irika3,000,000
Danny ShockwaveFirst Appearance75,000,000
Super Ginkotiko (weakened)Launched at Irika20,000,000
Infant JohnathanFirst Appearance1,000,000
Episode 2Johnathan ShockwaveStart of Episode160,000,000
Danny ShockwaveStart of Episode142,250,000
Jaken ShockwaveStart of Episode256,800,000
Mysterious ManFighting with Johnathan380,000,000
Johnathan's Super GinkotikoLaunched at Mysterious Man720,060,000
Episode 3Johnathan (nervous)The Test18,900,000
DannyThe Test277,960,000
JakenThe Test300,000,000
First ContestantThe Test Begins!115,000,000
Second ContestantThe Test Begins!121,650,000
Third ContestantThe Test Begins!126,390,000
JohnathanThe Last Contestant335,890,000
Johnathan (serious)After Test402,250,000
Episode 4Danny (focused into video game)Video Game22,500,000
KyuThe Realistic Video Game88,200,000
DannyThe Realistic Video Game326,120,000
Chan-KiThe Realistic Video Game58,915,000
JohnathanGet Into The Game433,750,000
NenFighting with Ikuma86,500,000
IkumaFighting with Nen100,000,000
GenFighting with Danny and Johnathan950,000,000
Johnathan's Game BlastFighting with Gen (Round 2)990,000,000
Gen's Red BlastsFighting with Danny and Johnathan (Round 3)1,005,000,000
JohnathanFighting with Gen (Round 3)1,200,000,000
Episode 5Johnathan (struggling)Trying to say "the word"2,560,000
Dr.MysterioKidnapping the Girls390,000,000
Dr.Mysterio (powering up)Fighting with Johnathan800,000,000
Johnathan (enraged)Fighting with Dr.Mysterio2,000,000,000
Enraged Super GinkotikoLaunched at Dr.Mysterio10,000,000,000
Episode 6Nan LathamFirst Appearance115,200,000
JohnathanMeeting Nan502,630,000
DannyStanding Around442,780,000
NanFull Power1,895,000,000
JohnathanFull Power2,450,000,000
Episode 8/9JohnathanTraining599,250,000
Danny (serious)Training603,780,000
GyuranThe History of The Universe250,000,000
MardrakThe 989th Guardian of The Universe388,600,000
ApocolyThe 5th Guardian of The Universe1,800,000,000
JohnathanThe 5th Guardian of The Universe2,850,600,000
WorldroidThe 4th Guardian of The Universe2,000,600,000
SolarusThe 3rd Guardian of The Universe2,200,300,000
GalactoThe 2nd Guardian of The Universe2,500,000,000
UnivergalactsolardroidThe 1st Guardian of The Universe9,500,000,000
Johnathan (Super Ginkotiko)The 1st Guardian of The Universe12,000,000,000

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