On the shining day of February 14, or Valentine's Day, love spreaded all around. However, this was the worst day for Johnathan, who hated every trace of romance. When he saw his dad give his mom candy and they kissed, Johnathan threw up. Johnathan ate breakfast, and got on the video game. But before he got on the game, Danny told him a story. He told him the story of the cooties. He said that cooties are from girls, and when they touch you or kiss you, they give you cooties. The doorbell rings, and Johnathan hides in the closet. Jessica comes into the room and tries to find Johnathan. She finds Johnathan in the closet, and Johnathan climbs into the vent. He forgets that his dad didn't fix the hole in the vent, and falls into the room. Jessica turns around and runs after him. Johnathan and Jessica run into the living room past Johnathan's mom and dad. Johnathan runs into Danny's room. Danny asks, "What's wrong?" Jessica comes in and Johnathan teleports away into the living room. Jaken catches Johnathan and asks about what is wrong. Johnathan tells him that he doesn't want the cooties from Jessica. Jessica finds him and Jaken asks about what do you want from him. Jessica asks Johnathan while beginning to blush, "Do you love me?" Johnathan yells at her and says, "Why would I love you! You always chase me, talk to me, touch me, and you won't leave me alone! You know what, I would be happy if you would just get out of my life!" Jessica runs away, crying. Johnathan walks into his room and slams the door. After that, Johnathan didn't eat dinner. Johnathan sits in his room and thinks. He gets up and leaves the house. Jessica leaves the house. They slowly walk towards each other, meeting each other at the middle of the full moon. They sit down. The winds begin to blow. Johnathan asks, "Why do you love me? I'm just a 4 year old killer." Jessica answers, "There is something special about you. Nan peeks across from the corner. The two hold hands, and they get closer. They kiss, and hold onto it. Nan is in suprise, and runs away. The darkness withers away the light, showing the light of the two. Nan runs and stops. Nan wonders why they like each other.

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