A normal day for Johnathan and Danny, which usually is ruined by the girls, but this is different. Danny and Johnathan were going to the park. Someone greets Johnathan. Johnathan finds out that a boy said that. He was his age, and had brown hair. The boy says his name is Nan, and wants to be friends with Johnathan. Johnathan tells him that to be his friend, he'd have to face him in a fight and make him tired. Nan powers up to his full power and becomes stronger than Johnathan. Johnathan powers up to his full power, and becomes slightly stronger than Nan. Nan runs over to Johnathan and punches him to actually mark him. Johnathan gives a blow to Nan, and they start trading blows. They keep punching and punching, both of them getting tired. They kept on, and on. They soon stop because they are tired. Nan asks, "So, you want to be friends?" Johnathan says, "Sure."

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