As Danny and Johnathan wake up, they have breakfast and straight to video games. Their mom come in and says, "Why don't you go outside and play with the girls?" Johnathan and Danny just disagree until their mom grabs them by the ear and goes outside. When mom leaves, Danny says, "Damn!" They wait until the girls come out. When Jessica shows up, Johnathan takes off, but crashes into a pine tree. Danny pushes him over there. Then Danny forces him to say beautiful to her. Johnathan struggles, only reaching the beauti- part. Johnathan keeps struggling for 5 minutes and then finally says it to her. Once he said it, he ran up the stairs into his house so fast that even a wild tigion (a fast fusion of the lion and the tiger) would not catch him. Jessica is so red that she looks like a ripe red apple. Danny goes into the house, unaware of what might happen after that.

A man with an orange/red coat appears and kidnapps Jessica and Alicia to get revenge on Johnathan. Their mom tells Johnathan, and Johnathan and Danny go to a mountain where the man lives. They find a lab where the man worked at. The man tells them that he is Dr.Mysterio, a man who at his full power was defeated with ease by the young God Shockwave. Danny blasts him, only to be reflected and knocked out. Mysterio walks to the cage where the girls were. Johnathan comes at Mysterio with his power and knocked him in his back. Mysterio puts his hand on the machine and starts powering up. Johnathan says, "420,000,000, 560,000,000, 800,000,000!" Mysterio comes over and puches Johnathan in the gut. After that, he did a combo of punches, never stopped, until the point Johnathan spit blood. Johnathan falls on the gorund, struggling to get up. Jessica yells, and Mysterio laughs. Suddenly, power comes flowing out of Johnathan, pushing him off the ground. Johnathan eyes turn white, even his pupils and irises become invisible. Mysterio begins to move back, horrified of what he is seeing.
Angry Johnathan

Angry Johnathan

Mysterio says, "Power level 1,720,000,000 and still going up!" Johnathan shoots an enormous blast that blast through the mountain, killing Mysterio and breaking the cage. They get out of the mountain, Danny still unconscious. As they head home, Jessica asks, "Did you really call me beautiful and do you love me?" Johnathan asks "Not right now, but maybe soon."

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