It was an early sunny day. 3 people were waiting in line. Johnathan and Danny fly to see what was happening. Then Johnathan suddenly remembered that it was "The Test". "The Test" is something that you have to pass to become the next God Shockwave. Johnathan was one of the contestants. The first put his hand on the mark that the God Shockwave had as his birthmark. Nothing happened. Same thing happened to the other two. Johnathan stepped up, everyone was watching, even Alicia and Jessica. He put his hand on the mark, and soon the mark lit up, and shined with a blinding light, stronger than any sun. Johnathan was pushed into the light, and the light disappeared. Johnathan found himself in a dark, ominous, and mysterious place. Red eyes appeared and glowed.

The Red Eyes of the God Shockwave

The God Shockwave's Red Eyes

Johnathan looked at him and said, "Who are you?" The person said, "You will find out when you are older." "Until then, you have dangerous journeys, on one final journey before you meet me, you will face a foe stronger than anyone have ever met, but you will gain a power that will help you on your journey. Johnathan comes out of the light and comes back to reality. Jessica asks, "What happened?" Johnathan says, "I don't know, but I need to be ready."

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