Shino no Shinjitsu
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 15
Run time 21-22 minutes

Shino no Shinjitsu (志乃の真実 Truth of Shino) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Otaku Secret Society, Swinging!, and Dream Walker.

The story is set in modern Tokyo, Japan in a fictional district named Harusame (春雨 Spring Rain), where strange crimes are occurring. The story is about a high school student of Shinkado High School who is known as the Mystery Prince and solves crimes for the people as a private investigator while trying to keep the fact that she is a girl a secret.


Shino Sekai is a high school detective who is nicknamed the Mystery Prince because she's solved every mystery she's ever been given, also because she looks like a handsome hardboiled detective. Eversince Shino was a little girl, she was forced to act like a boy and study hard because of her grandfather's strict demands, thus, Shino was known to most people as a male with intelligence that rivals Sherlock Holmes. Shino and her best friend, Asuka Zenigata, both run Shino's private investigation agency along with a foreign man named Darius "The Rock" Fairstar, a mysterious and muscular man who is very loyal to Shino for unknown reasons; these were the only two people who knows that Shino is a girl outside of her family until she met Kisuke Hashiba, who was later forced to join her private investigation group after he found out. After finding out about Shino, Kisuke was threatened to keep her secret a secret and also became Shino's assistant along with Asuka in her investigation agency, but to make sure that he keeps quiet about the secret, Shino transferred to his Kisuke and Asuka's school, Shinkado High School. As the story goes on, Shino, Asuka, Kisuke, and Darius are confronted with many mysteries to solve while in the background, Shino starts to develop feelings towards Kisuke.


Sekai Private Investigation AgencyEdit

Shino SekaiEdit

A 15 year-old girl who disguises herself as a boy due to her grandfather's demands for a grandson. Because she was raised like a boy as she grew up, she became tomboyish and masculine compared to other girls. She is a psychological prodigy and is able to tell when someone is lying just by the look on their face or their tone of voice even if the liar is a great liar; this often leads to an ongoing gag with Kisuke whenever he tries to runaway from her. She is often thought to be perfect at everything, but most people doesn't know that she is a horrible cook, cannot swim, and is bad in Japanese history despite knowing lots of detective history. She has two nicknames, "Mystery Prince" by the public and "Little Cop" by the police inspector, Hayato Narukami. She transfers from a rich academy to Shinkado High School to keep Kisuke from spilling her secret. In episode 10, she was unknowingly entered into a crossdressing contest, and to her surprise, no one found out her secret. She revealed to the public that she was a girl at the end of the last episode by wearing a female school uniform, which shocked a lot of girls and excited a lot of boys. She often has trouble hiding that she is a girl due to her (surprisingly big) breast size unless she wears a jacket. She is voiced by Romi Park.

Asuka ZenigataEdit

Shino's best friend since childhood who is sometimes thought to be Shino's girlfriend. She is a carefree 15 year-old girl who is usually seen smiling even when she is angry or sad. According to Shino, she doesn't easily get angered, but when she does, she is like a monster with a smiling face. Though she looks and acts nice and kind, she is actually very devious when she is bored and is willing to do almost anything to get rid of her boredom; often times, she would play a dark prank or blackmail someone. She was the one who entered Shino into the crossdressing contest in episode 10; when she entered Shino, she told her that it would be a chance to act like a girl for once and she did it for Shino out of kindness but, it was actually because she was bored. She is extremely jealous of Shino's breast size because she is flat-chested, so she would often play around with Shino by harassing her when she is angry. She is voiced by Rie Tanaka.

Darius FairstarEdit

A two-meter tall muscular African-American man who doesn't like to talk but actually speaks fluent Japanese. His reasons for following Shino are unknown and no one has ever asked him so he never told anyone. Though he looks frightening, tough, emotionless, and old, he is actually only 28 years-old and is very kind and also is a klutz whenever he isn't fighting someone, thus, he is usually seen standing still; he is also very sensitive to being called an old man. He is nicknamed "The Rock" as a referance to Dwayne Johnson as with most of his attacks, but even though his nickname and fighting style are based on Dwayne Johnson, he himself is not. His history is unknown. He is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.

Kisuke HashibaEdit

A 15 year-old boy who accidentally found out Shino's secret when he spilled soda on her as she was chasing someone and they bumped into each other. After finding out Shino's secret, he was forced to be part of the Sekai Private Investigation Agency as an assistant, and was surprised when his crush, Asuka, was Shino's best friend and part of the agency. As a member of the agency, he tries his best to get Asuka to like him but, because of his efforts to get Asuka, he accidentally got Shino to like him, which, from his point of view, made her hate him. He is oblivious to the fact that Shino likes him and Asuka and Darius are supporting her. He is often referred to as the punk of Shinkado High School because of his face. He eventually began to like Shino near the end of the series but still sees her as boyish. He is often left alone with Darius when the group splits up, this usually makes him terrified of what to do. He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.