Shin Ultimate Yin Yang Yo! is an anime continuation of the Canadian Action Comedy Cartoon Series who ended on Disney XD (Formerly known as Jetix). The series will have both edit and uncut versions both rated TV-Y7 FV and TV-PG LV, unlike any anime having 2 versions.

Shin Ultimate Yin Yang Yo!
Format Anime Series
Created by Bob Boyle, NaruIchi97
No. of episodes TBA
Run time 30 minutes (15 minutes per episode)
Rated TV-Y7 FV (Edited), TV-PG LV (Uncut)
English Network NaruIchi97 Anitoku




Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Yin Yui Horie
Yang Masako Nozawa
Yo Tetsu Inada
Lina Nana Mizuki
Roger Skelewog Jr. Yuichi Nakamura
Dave Jin Yamanoi
Melodia Rica Matsumoto
Carl Kentaro Ito
Yuck Kappei Yamaguchi
Smoke Miyuki Sawashiro
Mirrors Yuta Kazuya

(More to Come)




  • The series is rated both TV-Y7 FV for the edited version, and TV-PG LV for uncut version.

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