Shaman King: Pink (シャーマンキング:ピンク, Shāmankingu: Pinku, stylized as Shaman King PINK) is a fan-made sequel series/spin-off of Shaman King. The series focuses on Tamao Tamamura and Chocolove McDonell, and is rated TV-PG. It is a "super-deformed"-style comedy similar to Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals.

Synopsis Edit

After Hao's defeat (and a lot of behind-the-scenes character development), Chocolove and Tamao have become close friends. With Tamao's newly found strength and Chocolove's comedic style, the two manage to get themselves and their friends out of any deadly (or simply awkward) situation...even if they were the two who got them there in the first place. Between klutzy screw-ups, overzealous otaku, and the unexplained return of Hao, this pair is ultimately the best to call when others are in a tight spot. Or maybe not. It doesn't really matter.

Characters Edit

  • Tamao Tamamura-Once a shy girl, Tamao has been training and taking after Anna, allowing her to become a very strong shaman. She can often be a little ridiculous (in a different manner than Chocolove, of course), and while she is still a kind girl, she can get a bit aggressive under the right conditions. She has an obvious crush on Chocolove, and while most of those feelings are reciprocated, Chocolove is sometimes a bit shy (or even scared) around Tamao.
  • Chocolove McDonell-A young shaman and aspiring comedian. Despite having mostly pun-based humor in the original series, most of his humor in this series is situational comedy, as he often gets stuck in awkward situations. His somewhat androgynous appearance is somewhat joked about, to the point where he and Tamao get mistaken for the opposite gender sometimes. He's also somewhat scared of danger and loves cats, which in combination are a pun based on the term "scaredy-cat".
  • Ren Tao and Horo Horo-The other two members of Chocolove's team, Team "The Ren". When Chocolove is not with Tamao, he is often with his teammates.
  • Anna Kyoyama-Yoh's fiance, who is known for being very strong and stoic. She is a role model for Tamao.
  • Yoh Asakura-The original main character, who is focused on much less than in the original series.
  • Hao Asakura-The main antagonist. He was destroyed in the original series, but has inexplicably returned. He seems less villainous than in the original series, possibly as an allusion to Orochimaru in the Naruto spin-off, Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals.
  • Opacho-A young girl, and Hao's last remaining follower (the other members of Hana-Gumi didn't care to join with Hao again). While still young, innocent, and willing to follow Hao, she seems to question Hao and sometimes takes the protagonists' side.
  • Kira-The animated personification/caricature of YoungOtakuNerd-preferred alias "Kira"-the creator of the adaptation. No one knows her real name, and is only referred to by her nickname "Kira"; she is sometimes referred to with the honorific "-kun". She is a huge otaku, and has a "fangirl crush" on Chocolove; she also has a very meta sense of humor, and can defy/warp reality. It is later implied that Kira is her real name, or at least based on her name.

Cast Edit

Character Japanese VA English VA
Tamao Tamamura Nana Mizuki Candi Milo
Chocolove McDonell Motoko Kumai Cree Summer
Ren Tao Romi Park Maile Flanagan
Horo Horo Yuji Ueda Todd Haberkorn
Anna Kyoyama Megumi Hayashibara Laura Bailey
Yoh Asakura Yuko Sato Vic Mignogna
Hao Asakura Minami Takayama Vic Mignogna
Opacho Megumi Hayashibara Cree Summer
Kira Mayumi Tanaka YoungOtakuNerd AKA Kira

Trivia Edit

  • There are a few allusions to the original Shaman King manga, despite the fact that the series goes more by the anime's continuity. Some of these include Tamao's character development and the fact that Chocolove has some of the outfits he wore in the manga.
    • Chocolove's backstory reflects this; it is true that his parents are dead, but he never joined a gang after they were killed. Instead, he was left homeless, and he went into a severe depression that only Orona could cure him of. From there, Chocolove's story plays out exactly as it was told in the anime.
  • The similarities between Chocolove, Usopp (from One Piece), and Rock Lee (from Naruto) are pointed out often.
  • Throughout the series, Chocolove is often described as being "an odd kind of moe", particularly by Tamao. Moe is also a commonly discussed topic.
  • The show is heavily feminist, and while usually being a typical feminist show, it also tends to parody the concept by pointing out the feminist themes.
  • Kira, while still retaining some femininity, seems somewhat masculine in appearance and mannerisms. She has a gothic appearance, conjugates "I" as "ore" (which is typically reserved for males), and prefers to be referred to by the honorific "-kun" (which can be used for girls, but is usually used for boys).
  • Being a persona for/caricature of the show's creator, it is confirmed that Kira's nationality is American.
  • In English, Kira is voiced by her creator and real-life counterpart YoungOtakuNerd.
  • Tamao sometimes calls Chocolove "Chocolove-chan" or "Choco-chan", if not completely omitting any honorifics; in the original series, Tamao would call Chocolove "Chocolove-san". This is because Tamao has gained familiarity with Chocolove, and does not feel that she has to be as formal as she was with him in the past.
    • Kira tends to call Chocolove "Chocolove-tan" or "Choco-tan"; the honorific "-tan" is often used for moe characters, and in context emphasizes the common discussion of the concept of moe.
  • In the English dub, Chocolove can sometimes be heard singing/humming songs performed by Cree Summer, his voice actor; he is most commonly heard humming the melody to "Fall".
  • The series confirms that the sequel manga series are not canon to this continuity.
  • Tamao's character development is reflected in her voice; whereas her voice was high-pitched and somewhat quiet in the original series, in this series, her voice has deepened a bit and is a lot louder and more confident. She also doesn't stutter as often.
    • This only applies to the Japanese version, however; in English, Tamao has always had a somewhat unisex voice.

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