Shakugan no Shana: Crimson Uprising is an Anime TV show created by Shroob12 and published by A-1 pictures. It will be released on July 11 2016. It is based on the orginal Anime series created by FUNimation known as Shakugan no Shana.


Long ago the Crimson World was running out of energy and is on the verge of death. the Inhabatants the Crimson Densins target Earth to make it their homeworld. The problem is there are people known as humans living on that planet, but it's not a problem for them because the Humans to them are replacible objects that are worthless. 

Yuji a sixteen year old student decided to move to Miami city to get away from school life in Misaki city. He goes on the plane and enters the Immigration process of America and moves into a first class hotel in downtown Miami. Then when he tries to settle in the city a gang of brute thugs attacks a group of people and start walking away laughing. Yuji fights the gang and then the thugs start to turn into monsters and Yuji realizes he shouldn't pick a fight with them and tries to run. Then a girl with blood red hair comes and fights the monsters. After she fights the monsters she explains to Yuji that those monsters are called Crimson Densins.

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