Shadowlegend is an original movie set to air on the Right Stuf Network. It tells the story of a pair of ninja twins.


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Tenkaze Village was once a peaceful place, where ninjas thrived happily in the lush bamboo forests. Among these ninjas, Raiden and Raika, a pair of twins were the most prized students. One day a dark warrior swept through town and changed their lives forever.


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  • Raiden - Raika's twin brother. His signature color seems to be white.
  • Raika - Raiden's twin sister. Her signature color seems to be mauve.
  • Master Tenkai
  • Dark Warrior
  • Ditzy
  • Wild Guy
  • Wandering Fist
  • Ninjette (?)
  • Saul Badman
  • Iron Oni

More info soon.




The manga was distrubuted through Right Stuf Manga, simply titled Raiden and Raika, with Shadowlegend as a sub-title.

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