Senior Days (シニア日数; Shinia nissū) is an anime series created by EliNinja. The series aired on Animax in Japan from July 12th, 2002 - March 24th, 2006 and The N in the USA from September 14th, 2003 - August 12th, 2007. The series centers around four misfit high school seniors who go on random adventures in high school. It is also said to be a comedy series with a medium level of off-color humor, which appears in some episodes of the series, including surreal humor, which is seen very often.

Episodes of the series is often rated TV-PG in the United States and rated PG in Japan.


In the year 2000, EliNinja approached Bones & Production I.G. and proposed the idea of making a TV pilot based off of the manga. Toei agreed and worked with Eli for production of the pilot. In 2001, Eli thought of the idea of making the pilot into a TV series, in which he did. The show was soon greenlit for production in March 2001 and the pilot was edited for broadcast. The show soon began airing in the summer of 2002, becoming a succesful hit until it's cancellation in 2006.

A feature film titled "Senior Days: On My Way" was released in Japan in the middle of 2003, followed by the american premiere of an english ViZ Media dub for the series, first broadcast on Noggin's The N in the Fall of 2003 under the rating of TV-PG.

Main CharactersEdit

ジャン·ダガー (Jin Daga; Englush Dub: Jean Dagger) - Main Protagonist , Age 16, Male.

バイオレットブラウン (Bioretto Buraun; English Dub: Violet Brown) - Age 16, Female

ケビン·カールス (Kebin Karusu; English Dub: Kevin Carls) - Age 16, Male.

瀬谷世界 (Seya Sekai; English Dub: (same as japanese)) - Age 17, Female.


Broadcast HistoryEdit


Channel Time on the channel
Animax 2002 - 2006 (original run); 2006 - 2010 (reruns)
TV Tokyo 2005 (TV premiere of the first movie only)
Fuji TV Eight-hour marathon in 2009
TV Asahi Occasionally from 2004 - 2007

United StatesEdit

Channel Time on the channel
The N

2003 - 2007 (first USA run); 2007 - 2009 (reruns)


2009 - 2013 (reruns)


2009 - 2010; 2012 - present (reruns)

Latin AmericaEdit

Channel Time on the channel

Weekend afternoons from 2007 - 2008

Weekday evenings since 2014

United KingdomEdit

Channel Time on the channel
Pop TV 2006 - present
Kix 2010 - 2012

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