"We are the selected Seraphim, we are gaurdians the multiverse, we are sent by God to put it in frame, we are the Sculptors; Angels of Good"-Omniel The Sculptor or All Elements

The Sculptors are the divine figures in Retro Ace Corps, they are powerful angels who have chosen Retro Ace and those who will accompany him.

Biography Edit

The Sculptors are few amongst of the most powefull Angels of God and aided in casting out the treacherous angels in the War in Heaven, this being the Chaos Gods, the Disloyal Eldar Gods(Eldarphim), Necronicus, The Watchers, and their leader Satan along with the other leigons of fallen angels. They themselves are not god-like, but more are of 'Avatars' of sorts of the elements of the multiverse. They were randomly chosen from the Nine Choirs of Angels(AKA Heirarchy of Angels), some of being of Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Virtues, Powers, Dominions, and all lead by the Archangel Omniel, they are stationed in the mortal realms in the multiverse, keeping watch over the worlds.

Qoutes Edit

"Almighty God, our Creator, Lord, and Master, forgive the Emperor Of Mankind, His Sons, and his Imperium's sins, Forgive the Sins of the Eldar, Forgive the Sins Of Tau Empire and Anuuva, forgive them all how they treat their own people and each other, for as your Son said 'Forgive Them Father, For They Know Not What They Do'."-Aquamel Weeping for Aquilla

"Lucifer, Nec'iel, Zezziel, Neshiel, Nurgiel, Koriel, The Watchers, The Disloyal Eldearphim, and the other Fallen Ones were casted out for crimes pride and murder, and fell with them was Luminigon the Disloyal Dragon, and sealed away were the Ogdru Jahad, the Ogdru Hem, they conspired with Lucifer, plotted xenocide and enslavement with Lucifer, and are now forever damned with Lucifer."-Omniel speaking of the records

List of AngelsEdit

Omniel The Wise-Of all

Aquamel The Loving-Of Water

Umbrael The Vengeful-Of Shadow

Voxiel The Passionate-Of Sound

Saltuel The Vigilant-Of Wood

Petrael The Patient-Of Stone

Fulgurael The Pious-Of Lightning

Ventuel The Graceful-Of Wind

Igniel The Brave-Of Fire

Image Gallery Edit


  • The "el" at the end of their names is based off of the Christian/Jewish Angel names which most end in "el" which in Hebrew means "From God" as such for example, Voxiel is taken from the word "Vox" latin for "Sound" and along with "el" translates to "Sound From God"

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