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FA: School Dog, Episode 5, Shopping Trip

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows the girls at Ai's house-

Ai: So..we gonna go shopping?

Yuri: I need to do my hair first... -goes into bathroom-

Ai's mother: -walks in- Oh..Ai, remember, if you're going shopping, I need to too! Because, I won't be home for a year, starting tomorrow! -walks out of the room-

Ai: Aw man...I forgot...

Ichigo: We still going shopping?

Permy: But dogs aren't aloud at the mall!

Ai: Be quiet, Permy...I always leave you home when I'm at school..

Yuri: -goes back in living room- So, we going?

Ai: With my mom, sadly.. ._.

Yuri: Fine...

Ichigo: Let's go..-stands up-

Ai: Mom! We're leaving!

Mrs Nagoyaka (Ai's mom): -walks in- Ok! Let's go!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

-they're now at (fictional) Sparkle Light Mall-

Mrs. Nagoyaka: We're here!

Ai, Ichigo, and Yuri: Yay...

Hikari: Oh! Ai-chan! Ichigo-chan! Yuri-san!

Ai: You're here, Hikari?

Mrs. Nagoyaka: Ai-chan! -pulls Ai's arm- Let's go shopping!

Ai: -leans back, and whispers to Ichigo- My mom wasn't supposed to come home 'til April, and it's October right now...

Mrs. Nagoyaka: -squeezes Ai's arm, and speaks in a deep voice- I...heard..that..-hair turns black, and eyes turn red-

Ai: Eng-lish...

???: -jumps into the sky, still holding Ai, and laughs evilly-

Ai: Wah!

-Ichigo and Yuri transform-

Ichigo: Strawberry Dagger! -throws dagger at ???, but ??? dodges-

???: -whispers to Ai- My -drops Ai-

Ai: Wah! -lands on a tree branch-

Emily: Bye-bye! -disappears-

Ai: -jumps down- Thanks, you 2!

Hikari: -from a bush- I can't tell them...

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 5-

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