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FA: School Dog, Episode 4, Yuri On The Team

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Ai, Permy, and Ichigo walking to school-

Permy: Do you want such a quiet person on our team?!

Ichigo: What did she say?

Ai: -shrugs- Wasn't paying attention...

Permy: Wasn't paying attention?! WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION?!

Ai: Be quiet, Permy!

Hikari: Hello, Ai-chan!

Ai: Hi!

Hikari: Have you seen Yuri yet?

Ai and Ichigo: Yuri?

Ichigo: Do you mean...girl and girl...

Hikari: Not that Yuri! Yuri, a grade above us!

Ichigo: Yuri Yukai, is it?

Tsuki: -walks up- Ok! Let's go see her!

Ai: Sure! -turns to Permy- You go home...

Permy: Hmph! -walks away-

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Ai: Is that Yuri, with the blonde hair, playing tennis?

Hikari: Yep...

-a brown haired boy appears over the tennis court-

Ichigo: -whispers to Ai- English...

Ai: Yes!

Hikari and Tsuki: We're going to get our lunches! -they run inside-

???: Ha ha ha! -makes everyone besides Yuri, Ichigo, and Ai pass out-

Ai and Ichigo: -transform- 'Ey, English One! We're here to defeat you today!

Yuri: I'll help too! -transforms into a monkey-girl-

???: 3?! I only heard that there were 2!

Ai: Let's do this! Love Whip! -hits ??? with whip-

Ichigo: Take this! Strawberry Dagger! -hits ??? with sword-

Yuri: Ha! Lily Walkingstick! -hits ??? with walkingstick-

???: Ow! -disappears-

Ai: Great job, Yuri and Ichigo! -the other 2 nod-

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 4-

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