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FA: School Dog, Episode 3, New Bunny on the Team

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Ai at gym-

Ai: Ok!

Hikari: Don't get hurt, k?!

-a girl with long, dark blue hair walks in-

???: Sorry I'm late, but I'm new...

Coach: Ok, Ichigo Musei-san! -blows whistle- Ai Nagoyaka-san! Go!

Ai: Sorry! -sprints, then does a mid-air split over the jumping bar-

Hikari and Tsuki: Woah!

Coach: Ichigo Musei-san! Your go!

Ichigo: -bends down, like a bunny, then sprints like a bunny, then hops in the air over the bar like a bunny-

Coach: Hikari Tori-san! Go!

Hikari: But I don't wanna!

Ichigo: -walks up to Ai- You're good...

Ai: Th-th-hanks?

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

-Screen: After School-

Ai: -is walking home- I wonder what Permy is doing...

Permy: -runs up with a bunny- Ai-chama! This bunny says she knows another member!

Ichigo: -walks up- an animal-girl too...?

Ai: -turns around- Uh...

Ichigo: I'm a bunny-girl, may I move into your house?

Permy: Say no!

Ai: ..Sure...

Tsuki: -walks up- Sure what?

Permy: Homework! Homework!

Ai: Homework! Yeah!

Tsuki: Sure.. -laughs to self, then walks away-

Ichigo: Ok, let's go...

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 3-

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