School Dog is about a girl, named Ai, who can transform into a dog-girl.

She must gather the other animal-girls, and fight The English Ones,

who want to conquer the world with English.

Airs every Sunday at 7:00pm.

Name School Dog
Genre(s) Magical Girl, Comedy
Channel Magic Girl
Creator(s) Crazyrox
First Aired

Dec. 19, 2010



Ai NagoyakaEdit

Ichigo MuseiEdit

Yuri YukaiEdit

Zakuro MuseiEdit

Openings + EndingsEdit


Wan Wan Oh! by Megpoid (Gumi) (all 52)


Double Lariat by Luka Megurine (Most of Series)

Saihate: Heavenly Mix by Miku Hatsune (Last Ep.: Ep. 52)

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