Nurse Sanae Mizuno was a female nurse at Yomiyama Hospital . She is first seen at Kouichi 's ward. She has a younger brother named Takeru Mizuno who is in the 9th Grade Class 3 at Yomiyama North Middle School.


Nurse Sanae is a young woman with short brown hair and big, light brown eyes. She is usually shown wearing her nurse uniform consisting of a white cap, a pale pink dress, pale pink shoes and a dark blue jacket. In Episode 4, she is seen wearing her casual outfit, which consists of a white dress and a blue bag. In the manga, she has short black hair and large, black eyes.


Nurse Sanae is a kind and cheerful female nurse in charge of taking care of Kouichi when he is in the hospital. She suggested various mystery and horror novels to Kouichi to read while he was in the hospital, and also when they used to meet casually. Sanae is also shown as a sociable, friendly and peaceful person. She is good friends with Kouichi. She tends to be helpful to others, especially Kouichi, assisting him in searching for information when he needs it. In the manga while her character is quite similar, she appears to be clumsy as she walks into a wall, and puts too much sugar into her tea. She also bites her tongue.


She looked after Kouichi Sakakibara (Gregory Ayres) while he was sick in the hospital. She also helped him to find the information about the Misaki who died in the hospital, and even offered to give him her phone number. They talked about the class' curse and how everyone thinks that Mei (Monica Rial) doesn't exist. Nurse Sanae tells Kouichi to be careful because they don't know much about it yet. In "Put Flesh", she called him to ask if Mei really existed, since her younger brother claimed she didn't in a horrified manner, while returning from the roof top through the elevator. While she was talking to Kouichi about Mei, the elevator's motor started to spark and malfunction, and suddenly the cable snapped causing the elevator to fall. Nurse Sanae is slammed into the elevator floor head-first, and she is crushed when the elevator collapses. This incident leads to her being one of the "Deaths of June". In "Body Paint", she returns as a ghost in Kouichi's nightmare and appears when Kouichi opens one of the classroom doors. She lies on a bed with blood covering her body, blaming Kouichi for her death.

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